Cardinal Rule of Weight Training: Never Give Unsolicited Advice!

While training I usually pretend I don’t know anyone.

It works well because most of my friends who train early in the mornings do the same thing. We are all plugged into our respective devices, pushing the iron, and ‘in the zone’.

There may be a quick wave, head nod, or even occasional ‘hey’ but full blown conversations are avoided at all costs.

  • There’s no time for chatting when you’re lifting!

Nor do I rarely notice what other people are doing.

For the most part I do my own thing, train alone, and am a bit of a lone wolf. This doesn’t make going for failure with a skullcrusher the easiest or safest thing to do. Thank goodness for the other non-talkative women who are able to lend a spot and then get back to their training.

I have come to ignore most of the men due to the amount of times men have decided to share their horrible advice on weight training with me while I’m in the middle of a heavy set.

Yes I know the cables are higher than my chest. Thank you for pointing this fact out. I am completing high cable flyes…but thank you?

I have never given unsolicited advice to anyone else while they are training. It is one of the rudest things you can do in the weight area. If I am asked to spot, help, or give a pointer to a friend, I do so with a smile, but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Yesterday I nearly broke the cardinal rule of not giving unsolicited advice.

While resting, I saw a man using the seated chest press machine.

Instead of using any chest muscles to move the weight, he pointed his elbows heavenward, shrugged his shoulders and heaved a mighty downward snap with his elbows leading the way.

I grimaced and shuddered a little bit and then I had to look away.

  • The weights moved, his chest did not.
It was QUITE amazing to watch...and not in the good way...

It was QUITE amazing to watch…and not in the good way…

He shrugged and snapped for three more sets.

Upon reflection, it made me remember to have goals that make sense. Moving weight from point a to point b, no matter the form, is an achievable goal but it will not get you the results you want.

  • Your goals shape you.

The achievement of a goal is the outcome of you changing on purpose, muscles being pushed to failure, or a something being done or not done.

Crossing the finish line changed for the worse is a poor way to finish.

How are your goals shaping you?

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  1. The best part of owning my own studio…? Exactly! I don’t have to suffer on the inside, while watching others suffer on the outside.

    AND, the only other person in the gym with me is…..

  2. I have only actually been given advice once before, by a complete bitch who used to go around giving people bad advice on purpose (she had a blog and boasted about this fact, as she wanted to be better than everyone else so sabotaged their efforts). Thankfully I knew her advice was garbage so I just nodded and stuck my headphones back in.

    I’ve never given unsolicited advice, but a few ladies have approached me for advice over the years which I’m happy to give. Although I’m a PT, I don’t work out at the gym I work at, so I don’t feel comfortable going around correcting everyone’s form – despite some of the horrors I see!

    • Wow that woman sounds like QUITE the piece of work. Wowsa! People are so strange sometimes.

      When someone approaches you for advice, go for it! I realized it happened most when I made eye contact and smiled. For awhile, I was the only woman in the weight area in the morning. Apparently the men didn’t know what to do with me. hah!

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