Soy Real, No Pefecta!

This past week I have talked more about Hashimoto than I have in a long time. Usually I try not to talk about it too much because it is rather ambiguous, strange, and confusing for most people.

Trying to explain it in a succinct way to people is nearly impossible.

Donloree’s quasi explanation of Hashimoto.

I have a crazy autoimmune disease which wreaks havoc on my body. I can’t eat a lot of things, my body rebels on a regular basis, I fight against mood swings and health related issues, my body is on fire a lot of the time, and there are some days when I wake up but my body doesn’t. I look fine on the outside but on the inside I am severely crippled. Many things that should ‘just work’ don’t in my body. Discipline and determination along with joy are my tools to make it through the day. It is epic, but I choose to not let it rule my life.

It is at this point when most start to back away slowly and look confused.

A question I often ask.

A question I often ask.


Hashimoto came up in conversation with people struggling with health issues, coworkers as I moved offices, and over dinner with my squash girlfriends.

On Wednesday I was honored to be asked to talk with someone who had been recently diagnosed with Hashimoto and was able to share parts of my story with her. To tell her there is hope and health, but that it takes discipline, determination, time, and not caring what anyone else thinks about you and your ‘strange choices‘ as you journey back to health.

As I talked with her, I recalled some amazing truth I have learned over the years through my struggle.

You are more than your body.

As women, we tend to disqualify ourselves when we decide we aren’t pretty enough, thin enough, svelte enough…the list goes on and on.

No perfectaPhoto

If I were to diet to be ‘enough‘, I would be on death’s doorstep once again.

My body can’t take it.

Where it sits today it is happy and has enough to keep me going through my whole day. I am no longer just surviving, but I see moments and glimmers of thriving.

I refuse to exchange my life and dreams for a thinner waist.

Truth poured out of my mouth.

Loving yourself, being healthy and full of joy, and chasing down your dreams with abandon is more attractive and amazing than being magazine cover beautiful. The world needs more real and amazing women.

What a great reminder for not only myself, but every woman.

We all have struggles and obstacles. How we face them and what we do despite them is what makes you shine because the true, amazing you comes out.

You are gorgeous in, through, and despite your struggle.

  • In fact, the struggle is an intrinsic part of your beauty.

When you get squeezed, stressed, and pushed in life who you really are comes out. Make sure it is beautiful before the trials and obstacles come.

How are you shining in the dark moments and places?

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