Why Buying ‘Beautiful’ Pants is a Bad Idea

Have you ever gone shopping and tried on a pair of pants that is ‘beautiful‘ but tight? Perhaps a girlfriend was there telling you how perfect they are and how great they look on you. That they were YOU and you shouldn’t leave the store without them…so you bought them because you told yourself after a couple wears or pounds lost they would be perfect? That somehow working through the initial discomfort they would fit perfectly?


Good to know I am not alone. Before I did the massive purge of everything I owned, I had pants, sweaters, shoes, skirts, and dresses galore that were ‘beautiful‘ but didn’t fit.

Yes! This 100 times over!

Yes! This 100 times over!


Not even close to fitting.

Looking at a closet full of clothes that don’t fit is discouraging. Frustrating. Heck, it made me not want to get dressed in the morning and that wasn’t an option. For some reason old t-shirts and short-shorts aren’t boardroom appropriate.

Societal rules can be so constricting!

After a whole weekend and week of only doing the things that had to be done and resting, basically purging everything that didn’t fit into my life out, I came to an odd realization.

I hate my stuffy blog.

I don’t hate my blog, but I hate how stuffy it currently is. How sensible and boring it is.

Whenever I come to blog, I feel like I have crammed my arse into a pair of pants that I can’t sit down in. I find myself not blogging, sharing my life, or being myself because I listened to a bunch of people that told me it made sense to be ‘more professional‘ and ‘to make sense‘ because ‘you are confusing‘.

Going to a party in beautiful pants that you can’t sit in makes for a crappy time no matter where you are or who you are with.

It is time to ditch the pants and be confusing.

normal is boringPhoto

Once again the blog is going to become interesting, I am going to go back to fun and confusing, and the look and feel is going to be me – not what makes sense.

Being normal chafes.

Besides, since when have I ever made sense?

For those of you who have suffered through this time of me trying to shove myself into a pair of pants that other people have told me look great on me, I commend you.

It is time to laugh a little and live A LOT!

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  1. christine says


  2. HA HA….OMG, you had my “moment”!! I had a quirky little yoga blog years ago that I LOVED writing. I had a bunch of great followers and just generally enjoyed the process.

    Then one day, a “business coach” told me that if I wanted my blog to grow into something (which of course, who wouldn’t), it couldn’t be all about me. It had to be about the readers. It had to be useful.

    Guess what – that blog no longer exists.

    The reality is that writers need to write for themselves, just like painters need to paint for themselves.

    I get the tight pant analogy too. That was me every single day in the corporate world.

    Not good.

    You write about you and be happy with what you’re writing.

    Nuf said.


    • I am so glad I am not the only one. PHEW! 🙂
      Time to stop listening to other people and their opinions and just be ME! Gracious, what got into me? hah!

  3. Can’t wait to see what the new blog will look like! Change is fun and YOU are interesting!

  4. I don’t usually buy pants that don’t fit…oh wait I always buy pants that don’t fit because even petite pants are too long… However I purged my closet a few weeks ago and culled stuff that I wore at university (circa 1992)!

    Maybe the people that think you are confusing are just stupid.

    Be Donloree!

  5. I love your honesty and courage to return to who you really are Donloree. As the French might say, “Bon courage”

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