Finding Keys, Opening Doors

Sometimes a door doesn’t appear until you find the key.

There is something about finding an interesting key on the ground that makes you search out the door that it opens. Every single door you come across is an opportunity to pull the key out of your pocket and see if it opens the door in front of you.

Unlock doors of your heart and the hearts of others that you didn’t even know existed.

Find kind words.

kind words

Find kind words, store them in your heart, and  try them out on every person you encounter. You will open up more hearts and possibility than you could ever imagine.

What words are you telling yourself? Others?

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  1. Krista Bennett says

    Great Blog, Donloree….
    I really struggle with this one and commend you for getting back into bed with a book. I did the same thing yesterday and it made more difference then completing my “should list”. Thanks for writing:)

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