Don’t Let The Snow Decide, ‘Predecide’!

Its weather complaining season up here in the subarctic.

It is the season when there should be no more snow, but the snow keeps coming. Spring should be full of tulips and crocuses, not freezing rain covered in snow and slush…at least according to this west coast transplant.

It isn't that bad...except it is... At least it is 'warm'.

It isn’t that bad…except it is…
The saving grace is that its ‘warm’.

This morning as I walked through the open air parkade attached to my condo, I had a conversation with myself.

Grouchy DL – “Seriously? Snowing? AGAIN?”

Optimistic DL – “Yup, but it could be worse. Be glad you’re alive.”

Grouchy DL – “Glad? What planet do you live on? I’m annoyed. This is the seventh month of snow!”

Optimistic DL – “Be happy. You live in a cold country, can afford to pay for heat, have a car with a heater, and have nice warm clothes. You could be living in the desert starving to death and without water. You have time and money to complain. Be glad you have the option to complain and every waking moment of your life is not spent desperately trying to stay alive and feed your children.”

Grouchy DL – “Fine. You are right. My hot pink snow boots and I will just be happy. So there.”

And so happy we were.

How can you NOT be happy when you have such hilarious winter boots?

How can you NOT be happy when you have such hilarious winter boots?

While training at the gym and in the change room as I got ready for a full day of meetings, I notice a strange sound.

  • Silence.

Apparently very few of the regulars decided to brave the annoying snow this morning. Usually the YMCA is rather packed in the mornings, but not today.

Something led them to hit the snooze button instead of the leg press.

I wasn’t impressed this morning, but I sure didn’t wonder if I was going to the gym or not. Last night the alarm was set, the coffee pot primed, lunches packed, and I was in bed at 9:00. I had a day to do and snow, no matter how annoying, was not going to keep me from doing what needs to be done.

Decide what you’ll do before opportunity arises.

Predecide. (puh-ree-deh-sigh-duh) The act of choosing how you will act or react prior to an opportunity or event taking place. 

Know who you want to be, what you’re going to do, and how you’re going to move forward before things happen.

Choose now.

Don’t be fooled by putting off decisions. Not deciding is a decision all in itself.

Decide to decide, start predeciding, and then start leaping tall buildings and whatnot.

What have you ‘predecided’ on?

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  1. I wish I could be positive about the cold. In London, it snowed ONCE all winter. Since the start of ‘spring’, it’s snowed six times!! Yesterday I had to walk home in a windy blizzard. Not happy!!

    • No that is not happy…You should let London know that it has its seasons mixed up. I am sure it would sort itself out in a hurry if you let it know. 😉

  2. I have a book to hit, not the snooze 🙂

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