Rule of Five: Do More of What Matters

Comparing should be reserved for the produce aisle.

Taking the time to figure out the best fruits and vegetables to take home with you buy judging each one of them side by side is a good thing. No one likes eating moldy strawberries, mealy apples, or soft potatoes.

You are not an apple!

So what is with all the comparing? We spend more time worrying about what we are not than actually living out what and who we are.

Apples are a dime a dozen or more accurately, a $1.29 per pound.

It is time for us to stop looking at what we aren’t and get to work honing and developing what and who we are.

Little by little.

After living in our condo for five years with flooring that needed to be replaced when we bought it, we are installing new floors. It is exciting to trade carpet that used to be white in the 90’s for beautiful laminate.

Flooring wasn’t laid in a day.

Don’t ask my why, but in my hilarious brain I thought the flooring adventure would be a day or two. ‘Easy to install, click together laminate’…or so the box promises.

empty room

Rooms look funny without flooring or furniture. The headboard shadows also make me dizzy in this picture.

There is always more to it than the box states.

After investing the time I initially thought it would take to do about half the house, we aren’t even close to being done half a room. Nonetheless, I am happy.

Yes. I totally danced around on my new flooring last night. My husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law totally thought I was crazy. Crazy happy!

Yes. I totally danced around on my new flooring last night. My husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law totally thought I was crazy. Crazy happy!

Working, working hard, for something you want is an amazing feeling. Not being there, but being on the way is the place to be.

The Rule of Five. 

There is a story of a man who had a massive tree to chop down. Every single day he went to the tree and gave it five solid whacks with a sharp axe and then left. One day it finally comes tumbling down with a single axe blow.

He didn’t walk around the tree, pull the weeds around it, bring his friends over to talk about the tree, or sit next to it dreaming of the day it was chopped down.

Work was done. Every. Single. Day.

Your dream takes work to make it a reality.

Every single day do five things to start chopping down your massive tree. And keep doing them until a final blow brings your dream into reality.

Impossible things are made possible with heart and persistence.

  • Do you want to land your dream job? Connect, research, learn, implement, and help someone else.
  • Do you want to write a book? Write, edit, read, gather information, and learn.
  • Do you want to start a business? Plan, learn, connect with others, create, and risk.

If it matters, you find a way.


It takes time to build something that matters. You matter more than you give yourself credit for and your dreams deserve your hard work.

Stop comparing apples to oranges and start working.

What five things do you need to start doing every single day?

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