Be A Super Turtle!

I kinda hate being a turtle.

Turtles are slow, look funny, and are bad at sprinting. I want to be sprinting along in life, yet plodding apparently seems to be my modus operandi.

Slow, steady, and mostly boring…but sometimes funny!

tortoise and the harePhoto

The good thing about being a turtle is that you know you will win the race. That is if you keep plodding along and moving, no matter how slow, you’re going to win at the end.

At least according to Aesop.

As soon as I start sprinting, things go bad. I start tripping over my big turtle shell and find myself belly up on the path with my sturdy turtle legs flopping around, trying desperately to find some leverage to flip myself right side up.

We are not meant to sprint all the time. Slow and steady does win the race and one awkward step forward at a time is in fact progress.

Be happy with progress.

Small disciplines on the micro level create macro change.

  • Read a book while you’re waiting to pick up your kids
  • Eat 100 less calories a day
  • Lunge through parking lots
  • Buy no name brand at the grocery store
  • Write one nice card to someone a week and mail it to them
  • Get up 20 minutes earlier and set goals for the day
  • Batch cook meals twice a week
  • Save all your change
  • Tell one strange a day something fabulous about them that you noticed
  • Smile on purpose

Suddenly momentum forms and even though the steps may still be awkward, you are nearly sprinting. Shuffling forward in the superhero turtle way that only you can shuffle.

My daily 'Be a cute, rocking turtle' reminder.

My daily ‘Be a cute, rocking turtle’ reminder.

Be a super turtle!

After all winning rocks and who cares what those fabulous, easily distracted people think? You have a mountain to climb and you are going to do it one small step at a time. Keep moving and don’t concern yourself with the sprinters.

You’re going somewhere, somewhere big!

What small, awkward disciplines are you incorporating into your life that create big wins?

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  1. Hi awesome-loree,

    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this lately, but I absolutely love reading your words. You inspire, encourage and often resonate. Thank you for sharing. I would LOVE to get some of your batch cooking recipes and portioning. Just sayin

    • Thank you fabulous lady!! 🙂 Your words encouraged me greatly. I do have to let you know that you overestimate my batch cooking abilities. I make copious amount of meat, rice, potatoes, and other things that easy to make into other meals…It’s pretty hilarious, but it works.

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