Strombo: Outside the Box and Getting Angry

Creative Mornings and Stroumboulopoulos.

Friday is my favorite day of the week.

No, it is not because it means the weekend is coming. Fridays are always spent with amazing people – whether it be coaching them or learning from them.

This past Friday I got to do both.

First off, I went to Creative Mornings – a monthly breakfast series for ‘creative types‘. I don’t necessarily fit the mold as I am not a designer, artist, or architect but since when do you need to fit in a box?

creative morningsDrinking tasty black coffee and being part of a collaborative think tank on how to create better is always a rewarding experience.

Talking about reusing what exists to make something new was inspiring.

  • You already have more than enough to make it work.
  • Where we came from, our stories and legacy, is important.
  • Experiment and shift.
  • It is our job to shift the paradigm.
  • Don’t look at the box, dream.

I do have a question though…

Why don’t they give you lids for your coffee at these things?

I ran home in my red heels and spent the rest of the day coaching kick arse business owners from difference places across North America. Spent, I laid down ready to sneak in a 30 minute cat nap before supper and then the phone rang.

My husband got his hands on come complimentary tickets for George Stroumboulopoulos, who just happened to be speaking downtown in 75 minutes. The red heels were back on and I was running once again.

Stroumboulopoulos? And I thought my name was complex.

Strombo Vancouver Day 01 2012 01

“Each weeknight, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight brings you a smart, sharp and intimate conversation with some of the world’s biggest stars and original thinkers. From icons and legends to new voices and emerging talent, George doesn’t just ask questions. He creates a space for every guest to tell stories and share experiences.”

Asking questions is just the beginning.

  • Figure out what is important and focus on creating change.
  • If you keep the light shining on yourself, you’ll get burnt. Shine the light on things that matter.
  • You aren’t just a citizen of Canada, you are a world citizen.
  • Ego never serves your or the world well.
  • It is hopeless unless you try.

Stroumboulopoulos had a lot of good things to say, but most importantly he reminded me that it is good to get angry. Be angry about lack of equality, world hunger, injustice, and hatred of others.

Don’t try to get over it, do something with it.

Its ok to be angry about things. In fact you should be angry, but be nice. Take your anger and focus it into creating positive change.
~ George Stroumboulopoulos

What if we were for something rather than against something?

What if we took what exists, got out of the box, and let ourselves be angry about the things that need to change? What would happen if we were creative, angry, and nice? What if we acted like the world citizens that we actually are?

What would be possible then?



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  1. Championing causes — being for something, in my opinion, is the right way to be. I feel like there is more of this going on than ever. I’m almost optimistic. The tide is turning. Though working against some ideals clearly has its utility, to achieve a true nonzero world, the focus should be on cooperatively stepping toward greater good.

    Always a good read Donloree, thank you!

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