This De-Cluttering is Killing Me…

Half of my house looks like my storage room exploded in Mardi Gras style.

Three days ago, I spent 10 minutes trying to find my purse so I could leave for the gym and start my day. It was right where I left it – underneath my tennis racket which was engulfed by a few hockey jerseys and a deflated ‘ballast ball‘ – turns out the kitchen counter was under there too.

Cleaning sometimes requires a mondo mess.

Who knew getting rid of 14 pairs of shoes was going to be the easy part of this challenge?

When you’re armpit deep in the project, it is too late to sweep it all back under the rug, or in my case back into the laundry room and under the bed in the guest room, you have to keep going.

Besides Oprah decided to follow my lead.

O cover Feb 2013

Thanks Oprah, but this was SO last month! I do appreciate you following my lead though…I truly am flattered.

I can’t stop now. Gosh, she really should have called before making me feel so pressured to finish the project.

Two means double trouble.

Last weekend I coerced my husband into joining in the ‘fun‘. With the redoubled efforts, I realized a trip to Value Village was in order. My ‘Give Away’ cordoned area was spilling over into the ‘Sell’ square, and that just wouldn’t do.

After 6 times up and down the 4 flights of stairs to my car and back, nothing more would fit in the little blue hatchback. Heck there was barely room for me to get in there with the utility blankets, box of magazines, 4 burgeoning bags of clothes and bedding, oddball exercise equipment, 30 books, and other randomness.

I drove up to the donation zone and rang the doorbell to let them know I had arrived. A lethargic university aged girl stuck her head out the door and grimaced in my general direction.

Donloree – Hello! I am here to make a donation. Or a lot of of donation. Hooray! Spring cleaning is on crack this year at my house.
Lethargic University Aged Girl – Ok. I will take it. (Giant sigh)
Donloree – Perfect. You’re going to want to get the cart…I have a lot of stuff. But you like donations, right?
Lethargic University Aged Girl – The cart? Fine
(1o minutes dragged by while three other happy people try to help me. Unfortunately Lethargic Girl was closest to the door when I rang.)
Lethargic University Aged Girl – So what do you have? Hand it to me.
Donloree – Oh, uh oh! I want this laundry basket back. I know! So annoying, but that is why we have the cart…so I can put stuff it in. Here I will hold it and you can just load ‘er up. Right?
Lethargic University Aged Girl – Can’t I just give you a box for the laundry basket?
Donloree – Ummm…nope. I want to keep this. It was full of crap, I mean things to donate, before and now I can finally have a laundry basket when I do laundry. I won’t have to pick up a trail of socks and underwear leading me back to the laundry room from the folding site. This is going to be great. I don’t want to use a box for laundry. I want to use the aptly named basket for it. (Smiling and handing her things out of the basket)
Lethargic University Aged Girl –
Ok. Thanks for the donation.
Donloree – Oh no, we have more. MUCH more. Let me open the back door…

I filled that cart to overflowing. Then the cart nearly capsized as the very annoyed and tired woman muscled it through the doorway of the donation centre.

I am ashamed to say I have enough for another mondo donation.

Things I am learning as I get rid of more than I knew I had.

  • When I got things thinking, ‘I probably don’t really need this…’, I was right.
  • Keeping 3 sets of twin sheets when you don’t have a twin sized bed is dumb.
  • Knitting developed the patience in me to unknot electronic cords for 2 hours to find out that we had 12 USB cables and enough phone cords for 8 phones. Heck, we don’t even have a land line!
  • I feel guilty when I get rid of something someone gave me as a gift. I often look over my shoulder to see if the noise I just heard is them weeping softly.
  • Keeping silly notes from college is a must. Everyone needs a box of memories that make them burst out into side splitting laughter.
  • Choosing one hobby or craft is a good idea. It was hard to admit to myself that I can’t do every craft imaginable at the same time. Even Martha Stewart requires hired help to do all that she does. Scrapbooking, lead came stained glass, stamping, and making leather purses are all out the window – I choose to be a knitter.

I still have the kitchen, jewelry, box of personal notes and journals, and dresser of yarn to tackle, but I am almost to the finish line.

When I am done, I want to lie on a warm beach in a hammock and drink something out of a coconut with a little umbrella, but I have a feeling real life calls me name.

Yes! Something Bora-Bora-esque will do!

Yes! Something Bora-Bora-esque would do!


At least real life is getting simpler and streamlined.

Oops! I think I threw out the little umbrellas…

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  1. Sounds like you’re making fantastic progress! Way to go!

  2. Ah, but remember, when you cross a finish line, unless you are careful, it’s really just another starting line.

    “I feel guilty when I get rid of something someone gave me as a gift. I often look over my shoulder to see if the noise I just heard is them weeping softly.”

    So true…

  3. I try really hard to throw out all unnecessary things in my house. My husband and I “purge” every once in awhile. Sounds like your doing well!

  4. Yay! You’re doin’ it!! Now…if only those 14 pairs of shoes had been in my size…. 😉


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