Verb Me Baby!

Chocolates, romantic stress, and societal expectations filled yesterday.

On my way to my 9:15 am meeting yesterday, I stopped in at the grocery store to pick up bread and some veggies. I was in ‘get it done‘ mode which means I was moving at the speed of a slow run while still walking.The sight of 6 confused men circling the flowers with boxes of chocolates in their hands stopped me in my tracks. I shook my head, laughed, and kept going.

Valentine’s Day.

After answering 47 questions about what my husband and I were or were not doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day yesterday and me doing the same to other people, I finally had enough.

Love isn’t something you check off a list one day out of the year. Flowers die, chocolate makes me fat, and restaurants are crowded and annoying but love makes my heart sing. Love causes laughter to bubble up from the toes of my soul. Love keeps me warm on a cold night.

Love changes the world.

love isPhoto

Love is both a noun and a verb.

It is a thing and an action. It is cash in the bank and how you spend it and invest it matters.

Love is better than money; the more you give away the ‘even more‘ you get back.

Love is…

  • Seeing the best in someone and reminding them about how amazing they actually are
  • Choosing to listen with your ears and not your mouth
  • Trying new things that scare you
  • Hurting alongside someone who has been hurt
  • Adjusting the pace of your life and not running ahead just because you can
  • Accepting feedback from people and choosing to not be defensive
  • Helping even when you need help
  • Being vulnerable and not building walls around your heart

It is time to ‘verb the world‘ with love. Love in motion is what changes the world.

Love with a side of chocolate here we come.

What is your favorite way to ‘verb‘ the world with love?


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  1. When I try and define what love really is, I use the thought of 9/11. I think, who would I run to first when tragedy hits..? Of course, parents run to children, and I am a parent.

    I try to superimpose that kind of love on the other aspects of my life and I always fail. Never though, do I quit trying.

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