Armstrong Reflections

Some of the biggest, yet oddly unsurprising news of 2013 is the fact that Lance Armstrong admitted to doping and lying about it.

  • I don’t know anyone who is actually shocked by his confession.

What is shocking is how adamantly he lied to everyone for so many years. How he lied as though his life depended on it. How cocky, sure, and demeaning he was while lying.

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I haven’t watched every commentary on the Oprah interview nor have I followed Lance’s career, cancer comeback, and livestrong campaign closely over the years. But in the same breath, I would have had to live under a rock for the past decade to not know about the yellow jersey come back kid.

True heroes.

Many people are upset because it turns out their hero isn’t actually heroic. His comeback was stolen and he didn’t win against all odds. He stole his victory and our hearts and didn’t have one ounce of remorse for doing it. In fact, I still don’t know that he is sorry. Anger and defiance bubble quietly under the surface during his interview with Oprah.


While watching the interview with Oprah, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Lance. His whole life is about winning on the world stage and he literally gave up everything for it. He sold his integrity, soul, and ethics to win and in the end he lost.

Life isn’t about what you are when people are watching, how many ‘yellow jerseys‘ you have on your wall, or how much money you get paid for your excellence.

The inside life.

On a whole, I think our underlying hope was that Lance was who he said he was while he fervently lied and claimed he was drug free.

The inside life matters. Know who you are without any ‘outside stuff‘ because it comes and goes and may not come again.

Who, not what, you are matters.

I don’t care to have much of an opinion on Lance Armstrong, rather I care to have an opinion about myself and how I live my life.

I’m striving to be bigger than I am on the inside than I am on the outside. I’m pre-deciding to live with honesty and integrity because I want to win at the end of my life, not just at a few finish lines here and there during life.

Who are you pre-deciding to be?

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  1. This was incredibly well-written! Awesome post, D!


  2. “He sold his integrity, soul, and ethics to win and in the end he lost.” Sums up the entire story. Very well said.

    I may never know who I want to be. But each year older I get, I add (at least) one more pro athlete to the list of who I don’t want to be…

    • Isn’t it interesting how when you’re in a pressure situation what’s inside comes out? On a small scale we had a false fire alarm the other night and some people are happy and others are ranting and raving at the complete f*#&ing disaster. Seriously? The longer I live, the more I realize that happiness is an inside job.

  3. I’m not sure what message I hope this sends: that you can’t cheat and ‘win’ in the end, or that if you lie, it WILL come out. Sadly, a sense of entitlement pervades our society and has poisoned an entire generation who now think that ‘winning’ is more important than the hard work it takes to be a winner.

    You’re a great example of what’s right: putting in the work, staying true to who you are and supporting others on a road that is often strewn with roadblocks built by others and ourselves. Thanks for a terrific post.

    • Thank you for the amazing complement. The sense of entitlement and ‘winning at all costs’ is something that needs to be changed in our society – I agree!

  4. This is just more proof that the only hero you should look up to is yourself. Strive to be your best and live a life of integrity. We can’t control other people’s actions.

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