Twelfth Week of Fitmas – Twelve Footballs Drilling

I cannot believe it is the last week of Fitmas!

Yesterday the realization that Christmas is basically a week away dawned on me. I suddenly feel very behind in life. I can’t be the only one without any Christmas presents wrapped, zero cookies baked, and half completed handmade gifts.

I suppose not baking cookies isn’t the worst Christmas crime a woman can commit…

Thanks for joining in on all the adventures of Fitmas. It has been a great twelve weeks of hitting it hard, trying new things, and giving away some fabulous prizes.

Speaking of prizes let’s find out who won last week’s consultation with Tara.

The contenders are as follows:

  1. Julie
  2. Verena
  3. Therese
  4. Amy
  5. Chris
  6. Karl
  7. Melly
  8. Amy

And the winner via some help from is Julie! I will email you later today to connect you with Tara.


Now onto the last challenge and fabulous prize of Fitmas 2012.

Twelve Footballs Drilling.

Six weeks ago I introduced you to a fun fitness community called Tribe Sports. This week we are going to go back and get our arse kicked by the Tribe Community.

The twelfth week’s challenge is to complete each of the 5 drills below at least once during the week.

  • 5 drills
  • 5 days
  • 1 drill a day

Football drills are fun, fast, and help burn those pesky calories that make your pants tight during this time of year.


The five drills.

  1. Agility and Speed
  2. Shuttle Run
  3. Ultimate Ladder
  4. Ultimate Shuttle
  5. Decreasing Ladder Burpee Box Jump

Number five looks epic!

These drills are explosive, quick, and will help keep you on track during this last week before Christmas. Its time to challenge your fast feet before you prop them up in front of a fire while sipping red wine and munching on chocolate with friends and family.


Win a $100 Gift Card from Sport Chek!

The other day while sifting through flyers and bills in my mailbox, a real piece of mail winked up at me. I received a gift card and note from Sport Chek. Lo and behold, it was an awesome prize for Fitmas participants.

We want to join in and celebrate not only the holiday season, but celebrate your followers who have taken your lead and work towards their better every day. We have included a $100 gift to be given away to further their inspiration as they work towards their better.

How to win.

Leave a comment below with one way you have improved over the last 12 weeks of Fitmas.

  • What have you changed?
  • What is better now than before?
  • How do you keep moving forward?
  • What is one piece of advice you can share from your journey?

One lucky commenter will be chosen from the comments on the night of December 23, 2012.

I look forward to hearing your tips, advice, and inspiration!

The Get In Shape Girl’s healthy eating  tip for week twelve.

Now that you understand how to fuel your body, keep in mind that proper nutrition will help you perform better in all walks of life.  Whether you are chasing around kids, cleaning your house, working out, etc you wanna feel your best and have plenty of energy.  Your body is like a car and cars run best on premium fuel so make sure you fuel your body with premium energy! 

More information here.

Go get it Fitmas friends.

Finish strong, finish well.

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  1. Chrystal cook says

    I have through fitmas learned more determination to do things even when I don’t like them….even yoga which im fitmas 2011 i did not like….well this fitmas i am at a new level i guess?!?! And realized i really like it and even went as far as buying a new lululemon yoga mat!!!!!! Excited to start learning more yoga and might even be brave enough to take a class!!! Where other people are in the room not just me and my trainer!!!! We will see if i make it or not but i have my mat and have no excuse but fear!!!!!! <3

  2. I have learned to try a lot of new exercises that I had never tried before.

  3. Don’t feel so bad. I brought a few gifts so far but my Christmas tree is looking pretty empty as well. With all of the warm whether I’ve been having it doesn’t really feel like the holidays’ but i’ll take the warm weather over snow any day.

    P.S. Love the drills.

  4. I loved all the variety of the workouts! Athough I didn’t do every week’s workout I did gather a lot of great ideas to combine into future workouts:) I love challenging my body, and so my piece of advice would be to throw in a few new exercises to your existing plan, try a different exercise format, or explore a whole new sport/activity to continually challenge your self.

  5. And the winner is….KAREN B! Woot! I will email you all the details Karen. Congrats again everyone!

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