Quietly Listening

Life is busy, the Christmas season is overly full, and the world can be painful and shocking. My heart breaks when I think of the despair and agony that was caused by one man in a Connecticut school yesterday.

Unfortunately, horrible events usually make me thing about what exactly it is that I am doing with my life.

Pain creates clarity.

If you are like me, you are driven, set nearly unachievable standards for yourself, and are constantly looking for what else you need to do. The finish line never arrives because you constantly move it on yourself.

Chasing down your life purpose and moving your dreams forward is an important part of life satisfaction.

It requires discipline, sacrifice, and determination.

Sacrifice you say?

What you sacrifice for your dreams matters.

Oftentimes I sacrifice sleep, building a stronger relationship with my husband, or enjoying the ‘now’ in an effort to have a fabulous ‘later’.

I’ve been quiet lately.

For the last month or so I have put a pause on my frenzied activities of house cleaning, blogging, crafting homemade Christmas gifts, planning, tweeting, helping tons of people, and running at a million miles an hour.

  • I am tired nor am I superwoman.

I live in a relatively frigid part of Canada, which I often jest and complain about, but in all honestly there is something about a huge dump of snow and bitter cold that I love.

When it dumps snow, the world grinds to a haul and nothing can be heard except silence.


In the silence you face yourself and your heart has time and space to be heard. That quiet, unassuming voice which drives you forward but is rarely consulted because the busy of life drowns it out.

  • Take time to be quiet.
  • Take time to rest.
  • Take time to be still.

Sometimes the best sacrifice you can make for your purpose and dreams is the sacrifice of moving those dreams and purpose forward for a period of time.

Get quiet in the midst of the chaos of life, Christmas, and everything in between and just listen.

What do you hear in the midst of your silence?

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  1. “Study to be quiet.” Isaak Walton from The Compleat Angler.

    This line has to do with fishing, but it has to do with life too.

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