Seventh Week of Fitmas – Seven Kilometres Running

I run like a rhinoceros.

In my mind I am a cheetah that runs as fast as the wind, but then the sound of the treadmill groaning in protest wakes me up from my delusions.

This about sums it up.


Running is a discipline that I partake in to keep my cardio up. At least when I play squash, I get to *SMASH* a ball after I sprint like a mad woman.

  • People who run for fun are just weird.

This week, we are all going to embrace our weird side.

Seven kilometres running.

Did you know there are specific things you are supposed to do while running and a certain form you are supposed to have? I sure didn’t when I took my first ‘learn to run’ class nearly a decade ago.

Runner’s world is a great resource for tips on how to run more efficiently and less rhino-esquse. Check out their article on perfect running form to get some tips to make your running more efficient.

Pick one of three challenges for running this week.

Starting line.

  • Run seven kilometers over the course of the week. It doesn’t matter if do a kilometre a day, just get seven kilometres under your belt.

Lift and run.

  • For all the heavy lifters out there, run it out after you train. After you put in your heavy lifting session, put in 10-15 minutes on the track and take your training to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you do HIIT sprints or steady state running, just complete seven kilometres of running by the end of the week by adding up your after training distances.

Daily seven.

  • This is for all the ‘weirdos’ who love to run. Run at least seven kilometres a day on your training days. You may be running hills, working on speed, or just hitting the pavement but run at least seven kilometres on the days you run. Don’t forget to take at least one day off in the week – your body needs a break!

My mantra for this week.


Check out this list of 200 running songs to keep your legs churning while you hit the trails this week.

If you are a treadmill runner, this workout from Fitness Magazine will keep it interesting.

Fabulous giveaways!

I found some more amazing things to be won this week. Make sure to join in the winning!

The Get In Shape Girl’s healthy eating  tip for week seven.

Are you ready to learn what to eat to burn fat and build muscle?  The best way to start your day of muscle building is with a balanced meal that contains plenty of protein, dietary fat and slow digesting carbohydrates.

Click here to find out the benefits.

 What challenge are you taking up this week?

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  1. Staying calm and chill with all the packing craziness!!

  2. Thanks for the share Donloree! I love my RACEDAY book 🙂

  3. Ruck funning! Tht is all…

  4. Thanks Donloree for sharing my giveaway! This week, I’m trying to kick my cold to the curb!!

  5. I run like a rhinoceros too!! I’m amazed that I haven’t broken a treadmill with my so-called running up to this point!


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