You Ain’t Broke…

It’s tough out there in the real world. We are never ‘enough‘ when we start to measure ourselves against what we think we are supposed to be.

The more I try to be ‘enough‘, the farther I get from the goal.

I have had enough trying to be enough.

Letting go but not letting up.

For the last 6 months, I have thrown all the rules out the window and stopped measuring everything that I do and tracking every single goal to the tiniest detail.

I have stopped caring how much I weigh, what my pant size is, how ‘successful‘ my business is or isn’t, and trying to force my marriage to be picture perfect.

Yet on the other hand, I have not stopping pushing forward my goals and dreams with utter determination and discipline.

It just looks different these days.

What changed?

  • I took my self worth off the table.

There are disappointments, successes, and everything in between these days, but they no longer define who I am. I am enough just as I am.

As the old adage goes, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

You ain’t broke.

It is possible you don’t know what your purpose is, but that doesn’t mean you’re broken.

You are a key that fits into a very specific lock. Keep trying every single door that you come across, eventually you will find your fit.


Don’t give up and just because the doors aren’t swinging open for you today.

You are enough.

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  1. This post so could have started with Dear Jill 🙂

    Struggling lately with not being enough. Ugh 🙁

    • I am glad you’re struggling with it and not just laying down and giving up! Keep moving forward because you are TOTALLY enough! Keep running the race, I am here cheering you on. Go Jill, GO!

  2. I am reading this as I quickly eat my dinner trying to run from one event to another trying to pack as much into each day as I can (as a result being late for everything!). Thank you for reminding me to take some time to just be:)

  3. I love the key/door analogy, Donloree! Well said!

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