Fifth Week of Fitmas – Five TRX

What the heck is TRX?

A few years ago, I walked into my gym and saw weird yellow and back straps hanging from the wall of one of the workout studios. It looked like a bumble bee themed workout gear.

TRX is a tool developed by a former Navy Seal to aid you in doing functional, body weight training anywhere.

A kick butt tool that helps you have a full body workout that makes your body quiver for days.

Apparently it isn’t just for the bees!

The TRX challenge.

I am not a TRX expert, so we are going to lean on the expertise of Women’s Health Magazine this week. When I started to compile a workout, I realized the few times I had trained with the TRX were a blur of sweat and pain which resulted in little recollection of what was done.

Sweat like a U.S. Navy SEAL to strengthen your core—and every other part of your body. That’s an order!

The workout promises to be tough and is full of detailed descriptions and pictures.

Grab the PDF of the TRX Total Body Workout and get buzzing.

Win a Nutrition Coaching Session with Marie Tower.

Maintaining a healthy weight is part exercise and a lot of of parts nutrition. If you add in some health or hormone issues, things get tricky. Just ask me! It took two years of painstaking work to figure out how to eat for my Hashimoto’s, get my hormones under control, and be able to more than a little bit of food and not balloon right up.

Marie teaches people how to take control of their food and lives.

Marie Tower, RHN, {owner of Marie Tower Nutrition} is a registered holistic nutritionist who specializes in helping women balance their hormones and take back control of their health. Marie is extremely passionate about educating women that hormone imbalances are not just about PMS & hot flashes. After living through hormonal havoc herself {low energy & immunity, headaches, digestive disorders, & even successfully losing 100lbs of excess weight}, she truly understands where her clients are coming from. 

  • This week’s winner will get a 1 hour and 15 minute consultation with Marie.

We will go over your health concerns, and the symptoms your body is showing at this time. Together, we will go over the forms I will have you bring in, and I will make general recommendations based on your concerns, imbalances, and specific goals. This meeting is where I spend a lot of time educating you on how the foods you are eating affects all areas of your health and well-being, and what your symptoms mean.

Tell me how you enjoyed the TRX workout from Women’s Health Magazine by the end of the day on November 4, 2012 and you’ll be entered to win this week’s prize – Nutrition Coaching Consultation with Marie Tower.

The Get In Shape Girl’s healthy eating  tip for week five.

This week let’s discuss what insulin is.  It’s a term we throw around a lot, but I want you to understand EXACTLY what insulin is.  Insulin is a hormone that causes the body to take glucose (sugar) from the blood and store it as glycogen in the liver and muscles.  This stops the use of fat as an energy source for your body.

Well while your insulin is spiked your body can’t use fat as fuel.  And unfortunately (depending on the glycemic load) this could last for hours. But when your insulin levels are low (normal) glucose is not taken from the cells and fat can be used as a source of energy.

Learn more about how your blood sugar levels effect your fat loss goals here.

It’s time to get your TRX on. Print out the PDF of the TRX Total Body Workout and hit the gym.

Have you ever done TRX before? What do you like about it?

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