Week Four of Fitmas – Four Push Ups

There are all kinds of pushups – close grip, wide grip, explosive, military, bosu, decline…the list goes on and on. This week isn’t all about push ups, but pushing in general.

Some of my favorite training splits have been when they aren’t focussed on training a specific body part, but when they are created around pushing or pulling.

Since I am in charge this week, I decided to create a challenges that pushes four body parts with pushing exercises.

  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Quads / legs
  • Triceps

Four ‘push ups’ here we come!

I love supersets, so this workout is full of them.

  • Superset Move from the first exercise to the next exercise without a rest between the exercises.

Let’s get pushing!

I’ve laid it all out below, but make sure to grab your PDF for Week Four of Fitmas to take to the gym with you.

**Warm up well by running for 10 minutes and complete dynamic stretches such as high knees and butt kicks.

The supersets are listed below with the rep counts next to the exercises. Increase weight as the number of reps decrease.


  • After each set of supersets, rest for 1 minute.
  • After completing all 4 sets of the superset, rest for 2 minutes before going onto the next set of supersets.

**Stretch lightly between your first few sets of exercises**

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I have goood news. We can lower the glycemic load of foods by eating protein and fat so it takes longer for the foods to digest!  This also means we will stay full longer, which will lead to less cravings.

This week I challenge you to add a serving of nutritional fat and/ or protein to each meal and see if it helps with your cravings. I bet it will!

It’s time to grab the PDF for Week Four of Fitmas and get pushing!

Go push it past your limits!

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  1. eeeeeee i love it DL you did so great!!! xoxo

  2. Ah, push ups, how I hate thee 🙂

  3. So looks like I missed out on the official plyometrics workout from last week, although I did a leg workout that caused 4 days of muscle soreness post workout!
    This week I did a home version of the pushing workout, minus the squats and burpees. At this very moment, my right tricep is twitching because of the workout so must have been a good one:)

    I have a blog post coming out on Friday morning that has a video attached, so those who are struggling to get the workout done, perhaps you can watch the video for some at home bodyweight options.

    Thanks for sharing Donloree.

  4. Didn’t hurt myself, just new stimulus and very tender muscles. Not normal for me but interesting to do something new.
    I’m amazed at how tender I am from a workout I did in the kitchen! Who would have thought a kitchen workout would be so effective!

  5. Awesome workout loved that it wasnt all focused on one specific body part too!!! Only managed to do it twice this week though!! Along with my other workouts of course!!


  1. […] successfully complete week 4 of fitmas challenge held by fellow blogger Donloree. I always make it half way thru superset #3 then my arms […]

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