The Middle is the Lonelinest Part

No matter what you start, whether it be a marathon, new business, family, new job, or a home renovation project, there are people around. People want to know all about what you’re starting and are excited for you.

Moving forward, something odd happens.

The farther you go, the more the amount of people around you lessens. Before you know it, you’re doing this thing alone with only a few people here and there that notice or care what you are up to.

  • There is no more cheering; it is just you and the journey.

Then when the finish line comes into view, people come around you once again and welcome you across the finish line.

The stretch between the start and the finish is the loneliest part.

If you quit in the middle, would anyone notice?

Honestly, probably not.

The most successful people in the world are proactive about the long, lonely middle part between the start and finish.Whether you give up and choose failure or cross the finish line is dependent on your middle.

When both the start and finish lines are no longer in sight, embrace the struggle.

It is our priviledge to stuggle, for out of the strugge often comes victory.
~Condoleezzi Rice

Today’s impossibility is tomorrow’s story of achievement.

Run the race with discipline.

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  1. No joke, I have a friend who has run world class marathon times — literally. Yet he’s never run a competative ran and never will, thus he’s always in the middle for both the punishment, and the reward. I think about this daily…

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