Week Three of Fitmas – Plyometrics

Meet Allison, a Plyometric superstar.

It is that time of the week again, time to get your sweat on. This week, Allison Siemens from {wholesome}FITNESS has been kind enough to create a power punched workout just for us.


Plyometrics equal fun, just ask Allison!

Think fast, explosive exercises. Remember when you were a kid and jumping, leaping, bouncing, and bounding were just a normal part of your day? Well, I see my kids doing this all day long and these movements are certainly important elements involved in how our bodies were made to move. Kids do this instinctively.

As adults, we need to incorporate these types of movements into our fitness program – for a few reasons:

  1. It helps develop the muscle fibers in different way than weight training alone can, improving power, mobility, and joint stability. These are important factors in gaining strength and avoiding injuries for all types of sports and activities.
  2. These fast, explosive movements utilized in plyometrics cause our bodies to burn fat while maintaining muscle. Who doesn’t want that?!
  3. Plyometrics add increased intensity to workouts and keeps things challenging!

The PLYOMETRICS challenge.

This workout has been designed to be simple enough to do at home if you choose – no fancy equipment needed.

Your workout consists of 5 different exercises, including a variety of exercises that incorporate the upper and lower body.

You will work through each exercise for one minute each, pushing through with intense, explosive movements. Repeat the circuit as many times as you can in 20 minutes. You should work out to about four times through in the 20 minutes. Move through the different exercises one after the other without resting between exercises, but do make sure to rest when you need it. Incorporate short rests throughout when you need it to be able to complete all 20 minutes of the circuit.

To get started, pick one exercise from each box, plus one more of your choosing. This way, you get a new challenge every time and get to try new things!.

Plyometrics should be done on alternating days, about 3 days a week. Your body needs to recover from this type of intense exercise, and that rest will also allow you to perform better at your next workout. So push hard at each workout, but don’t overdo it especially if you are not used to intense training.

As you progress, and the circuit feels a bit easier you can increase your time to 30 minutes total or add in another exercise. Incorporating another element, such as sprints on the treadmill or spin bike intervals will also create more challenge. Or incorporate these moves into your regular weight training routine – a great way to keep the heart rate up between sets and burn more fat!

Grab the PDF for Week Three – Plyometrics for all the details!

Allison demonstrating the exercises.


**Note** If you have any type of joint problems or require a lower intensity workout, you can modify the movements by not jumping – just move and keep your feet on the ground.

Find Allison on TwitterFacebook, or on her website to learn more about her arse kicking ways!

PRIZES from {wholesome}FITNESS:

  1. A t-shirt “A goal without a Plan is just a Wish”
  2. AND acomplimentary online fitness & nutrition coaching session with Allison Siemens.

**How to win**

Leave a comment below after you’ve ‘Fitmassed‘ it this week and a winner will be randomly selected out from the plyometric madness on October 21.

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Did you get the PDF for Week Three – Plyometrics?

Ready, set, PLYOMETRIC!

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  1. These look great. There’s nothing quite like plyos to kick my butt into shape.

  2. Chrystal cook says

    Wow i actually thought this was going to be eAsy

  3. Wow plyos really kicked my tail. jumping jacks, renegade rows, skaters, mountain climbers, line jumps.

    I am tired. Thanks DL for such great workouts.

  4. Here’s what I did this morning:

    4 (or 5 if you’re feeling ambitious) rounds of:

    1 set of stairs (careful, stairs can be slippery when it’s snowing out)
    50 high knees per leg (100 total)
    26 jump squats (I like even numbers)
    1 set of stairs
    50 side-side jumps

    +Bonus of 16 burpees at the end for DL’s sore butt/hamstring

  5. Right finally finished Fitmas this week!!!! Pyo is awesome and HARD!!!! 3x 20min sessions after my weights was a callenge but mission completd 🙂 wil definatley add these in again from time to time. Happy Fitmas everyone!!


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