Don’t Be A Success Wannabe!

I don’t know anyone who starts chasing a dream and doesn’t intend to succeed. No one says, ‘I really, I mean ruh-eel-lee, want to miss the mark and not achieve what I have set out to do.’

Yet so many people never succeed.

It would be nice if the road to achieving your goals was like a trip to Paris in a private jet, but in reality it is more like traveling from Dallas to Buenos Aires on the back of a donkey. It can be exciting when you start out, but when you find yourself all alone on the side of a mountain with a stubborn mule, it can get pretty dicey.


Is the private jet an option now?


Separate yourself from the pack of success wannabes.

  1. Add in average before you try amazing. Instead of trying to do it all and be Superwoman, add one average task, action, or thing to your day. This would be something you aren’t currently doing, but would help you towards what you want. Once you’ve got this new, very average task incorporated into your life, add another.
  2. Find your ultramarathon pace. The most I have ever raced is 17km and despite my desire to never actually run a marathon, running has taught me something important about life. Running slower, longer gets your farther, faster. While standing on the starting line of accomplishing your dream, it is important to realize you’re running an ultramarathon and not a sprint. Killing yourself at the beginning means a really slow and painful finish.
  3. Be a rubber band. Rubber bands are only useful when they are stretched past their resting place. If a rubber band doesn’t stretch, it won’t accomplish anything. Stretch past what feels comfortable and reach to grab more into your life. It may create tension, but the place of tension is where the work is accomplished.
  4. Think about your thoughts. Millions of thoughts ping around your head every single day. Many of them you don’t even notice, you just allow yourself to choose them without thinking. What if you didn’t choose the thoughts of impending failure, how impossible your situation is, or why it just isn’t going to work out. The most successful people have one differentiating factor, how they think. What if you thought about what was actually true, rather than your version of the truth?

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Success is the direct outcome of discipline over time.

  • Start small
  • Choose your thoughts
  • Stretch
  • Keep going

What stretching do you need to do? Where are you on your success journey?

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