Donloree with a side of Fitmas = Confusion

Uh…you’re a leadership coach….what’s with the ‘Fitmas‘?

Most of us treat our bodies like garbage.

Actually, my garbage probably gets more respect than many people give their bodies; it gets sorted, taken out, and treated as it deserves.

  • I am a Leadership Coach who works with entrepreneurs, not a personal trainer, nutritionist, or group fitness instructor.

My work has nothing to do with fitness, teaching nutrition courses, or training people. Not a darn thing…except it has everything to do with it.

Help or hinderance?

Without a healthy body, you cannot fully live out your purpose.


I host Fitmas for free because I am passionate about people learning how to lead their life and have a body that helps, not hinders, their calling. I know what it is like to spill past the confines of an airplane seat, not be able to run more than a city block, and have no freaking idea where to start.

Start here. Start now.

  • Maybe you’re afraid and don’t know how to navigate the road to fitness and health.
  • Maybe you only run on the treadmill and are afraid of the weights.
  • Maybe you’ve always wanted to try crossfit, TRX, or an outdoor workout, but aren’t good at creating your own challenge.

This is why we are doing it together. You may be alone at the gym, but together in spirit with TONS of other amazing people.

Its time to get out of the box.

Twelve weeks. Hundreds of people. One massive benefit.

Leading your life.

It is time to take responsibility for your life and your health.

Your Life. Your Impact. Your Choice.

Go get all the details and sign up. You’re going to be part of a fabulous group of hundreds of people pushing past boundaries, removing limitations, and winning some fabulous prizes!

Two weeks and counting….


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