Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fitmas!

I had an ephipany while driving.

About this time last year I launched Fitmas. It was one of the most fun things of 2011 and I wondered if I should do it again.

Oh my gracious! It is Fitmas time!

Then I remembered, I told everyone about my big, audacious, and exciting Year of Fear launching in October. I am so excited about the Year of Fear, but I also love Fitmas.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Year of fear? Fitmas? Year of Fear? Fitmas?

For about 12 seconds I contemplated doing both. Then I remembered that I put my pants on one leg at a time and as much as I would like to be Superwoman, I am not.

First things first, Fitmas first!

Yup! You heard it here first, Fitmas is back with a vengance. Twelve weeks, twelve challenges, and hundreds of audacious people participating from all around the world.

What exactly is Fitmas? And how do I participate?

Fitmas (feh-it-mah-us) 12 weeks of EPIC challenges designed to push you past your limits, help burn off excess fuel, and keep you on track leading up to Christmas. 

Each Monday from October 1 to December 17 a new challenge will be posted for you to complete. They will not be for the faint of heart. If you want to be part of a group of fabulous people from all over the world that are chasing down health and challenging themselves, then the 12 Weeks of Fitmas is calling your name!

On the first week of Fitmas, Donloree brought to me…

  • A barbell for crossfit
  • Two outdoor adventures
  • Three plyometrics
  • Four pushups
  • Five TRX
  • Six abs crunching
  • Seven kilometers running
  • Eight legs a squatting
  • Nine yogis stretching
  • Ten kettlebells swinging
  • Eleven tabatas sprinting
  • Twelve footballs drilling

How to participate.

  • Sign up for weekly Fitmas challenges using the form below or email me at dl at to let me know you’re in and I will add you to the list.
  • Check my blog every Monday starting October 1 for the weekly challenge.
  • Bloggers can take it to the next level and write a blog post about how you conquered the weekly challenge. Pictures of the near death experience would be extra awesome, a vlog would be amazing.
  • Follow me on Twitter and tweet with the hashtag #fitmas and brag about your amazingness to the world. Once again, pictures are always a ton of fun.
  • Take your beginning stats: weight, measurements, and a picture; you are about to change!

Don’t forget to have your friends to do it with you so you can impress them with your amazingness.

Get Fitmas sent to your inbox.

Fill out the form below to get weekly emails of the challenges sent directly to your inbox.

Oh, and don’t tell anyone but I am going to do my best to see if we can get some prizes to give away for the brave Fitmas participants. How much fun would that be?


And it is official, the Year of Fear is going to start January 1, 2013. Yes, I know everyone starts things on January 1 and it is rather expected, but sometimes the expected can be really exciting too.

I want to hear all about your amazingness and epic feats during the 12 Weeks of Fitmas. Email me at dl at, find me on Twitter and facebook, or make a YouTube video!

Fitmas wants you

It is time to rise up, find your runners, wash your gym clothes, and grab some gumption. Fitmas kicks off in 19 days and I want to see you on the starting line.

I am all in, are you?

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  1. this sounds like so much fun! I’m in!

  2. I’m in too! 🙂

  3. Yuppers…i’m in:)

  4. What a fun idea!! And a great way to lead into the holidays and new year!

    • It was a TON of fun last year! It is a great way to try out new things and have a support team to keep you going strong and kick off the new year with a bang. 😀

  5. girl! Last year was a blast – I am totally in!!

  6. I am in!


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