Closing the Ambition Gap

Yesterday morning I found myself running in heels through downtown.

It is highly possible I frightened a few men wearing expensive business suits.

Dl Shoes

At least I chose CUTE shoes to run in!

Training for a Figure Competition has real life application. Who knew learning how to walk in those crazy shoes without falling over would be beneficial one summer morning two years later?

I was part of a panel for Social Media Breakfast Edmonton.

Nervousness threatened to take over me. Instead of letting it catch me, I flashed it a smile and kept running.

pink sweater

Nothing a fuchsia sweater with a cute bow can’t solve…and some crazy hair…

One of the things I want to do in life is inspire people to move through the fear and resistance to achieve the fabulous dreams they are afraid to admit to out loud.

Speaking is part of creating this impact, so I said yes when the opportunity to speak was presented to me.

I chose excitement instead of fear.


Its good to get there before anyone comes to ‘assess’ the situation.

I have no doubt it there are things I could improve on while presenting. I made a list of notes about these things and gave myself a pat on the back for saying yes despite the nervousness. The only way to get better at something is to do it a lot of it.

Closing the ambition gap.

Its totally normal to be un-amazing at the start. Every amazing person who we admire was once less than fabulous at what they do.

  • The difference?

They put in the work and discipline to become amazing. They chose to keep failing until they closed the gap between their ambitions and their reality. Goals can create frustration because you are not there yet.

The question you need to ask yourself is, ‘Am I on the path that leads me there?’

It takes YEARS to become an overnight success.

What ambition gap are you closing?

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  1. Great post! I am terrible about wanting QUICK results. I want what I want when I want it!

    • I think we all want quick results! Look at all the things sold on infomercials. I seriously think the invention of the microwave created quite the cultural shift for us. hah!

  2. yes! thank you for sharing this I really needed it today! I’m embarking on a new career and needed that reminder.

  3. I absolutely love this. “They put in the work and discipline to become amazing. They chose to keep failing until they closed the gap between their ambitions and their reality.” I need to remind myself of it on a regular basis.

    • We often forget that the people we admire most once started at square one. At one point in their lives, they weren’t amazing at what they are amazing at right now. We forget to tell the ‘backstory’ of how they got to where they are. Keep going!

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