Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Fake It

Two years ago I made the leap from being a woman with a smart phone to being part of the Apple loving community.

Hello iPhone!

When the darn iPhone broke last week, my husband just laughed at me. How was I supposed to tweet, take pictures of random things and capture thoughts for my blog, and know what the world was going on in my day?

None of that really bothered me, I am quasi-adaptable.

I have no problem using google maps on my computer and printing out directions on how to get somewhere, but I am not good at being iPhoneless during my morning training.

Whatcha listening to?

I rarely listen to music while training. The only time I listen to music is when I force myself to overcome my hatred of running and put in over 5k on the treadmill. I won’t allow myself to look at the distance until the next song starts; somehow it lessens the torture just a little bit.

Nerd alert.

Leadership, self development, and spiritual growth podcasts are on tap while I attempt to successfully push press 100 lbs or put 200 lbs on my back for box squats.

Stepping into the weight areas without being plugged in created a feeling of nakedness.

Random music intermixed with commercials filtered down from the speakers mounted on the ceiling. I took a deep breath and dove into the workout with my usual level of intensity.

I decided my iPhoneless state was not going to hold me back. The men decided it was not going to hold them back either.

My ‘iPhonelessness’ cued the men to come annoy me.

Misnamed Query. 
‘Hey Dawn. That’s your name, right?’

  • Nope. Not my name at all. My name is Donloree, exactly the same as the last 48 times I explained it to you.

Instructional Tips.
‘You shouldn’t set your back like that while chest pressing. Keep your back FLAT to the bench…here let me help you.’

  • I am training chest this morning, not shoulders…

Shoulder Tap.
‘How many more sets until you’re done? Can I work in?’

  • Somehow I just don’t think that will work seeing how we aren’t lifting the same amount at all and my rest time between sets is 90 seconds.

Frivolous Flirtation
*wink*  ‘You’re here every time I am here. Its like we are meant to train together.’

  • If you say so…my husband and I come every morning…

Lesson of the day: Even if the iPhone is BROKEN, pretend as though it is not.

Have you ever faked listening to something while training?

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  1. There was a time I used to wear headphones just tucked into my sports bra because this one creeper would always come talk to me! Now I don’t mind so much when people talk to me, but mostly because I go to a serious gym so everyone knows better than to interrupt someone mid-set with a stupid question.

  2. ROFL! Absolutely! My iPod died on me last week at the start of my grueling 30 minutes of stairmaster – I still put the earbuds in and climbed. Earbuds in = don’t bug me. LOL!

  3. Obviously, the various approaches are hilarious….good laugh, thanks!

    On the “can I work in” note….went to Gold’s Gym in Regina this past week while I was there….. apparently women on the weight floor is the equivalent of a circus show, because not only was I watched as intently as a mouse in a room full of hawks, but guys would jump in on my machines during my 90 sec rest breaks too. Thankfully (for them), we were lifting the same weight 🙂 I did, however, have to ask one guy to wipe of the seat each time as he was leaving puddles wherever he went. ewwwwwwww

    • EWWWW! I hate it when I go to use something and it is covered in sweat. Ick. 🙁 Good thing you were using the same weight as those dudes, otherwise they would have had a ‘situation’ on their hands. HAH!

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