One Thing: Stop Wishing, Start Achieving

Bienvenidos to the second edition of my yet-to-be-determined-number of Monday posts on ‘Getting the Goal Done’.

You did it.

The Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal has been set, but now what?

How do you even start climbing the mountain to get to the top? It seems like you’re stuck and you haven’t even started yet. In fact the once exhilarating BHAG is now BHAGging you to death.

Everywhere you look, there it is not getting done.

  • While you brush your teeth, it mocks you in the mirror.
  • It flashes across your eyelids right before you go to sleep.
  • Everyone you know is doing something great, yet you are not.
  • The songs on the radio remind you of what you aren’t doing.

You want to, but you aren’t.

I remember the panicked stares in the mirror, the ‘shoulding‘ all over myself, and feelings of frustration when I decided to start running eleven years ago.

Previous to setting my goal of running a 5k race it had been quite sometime since I had stepped on the scale. At the time it read 205 and there had been more Doritos and cookies than is even reasonable since the weigh in.

How does a ‘big boned‘ woman who can’t even run the length of a football field without nearly dying run a 5k race?

One step at a time.

I had tried running once before with my husband before I officially started running. He thought it sounded fun and I thought it sounded horrible, but my legs were going numb from the waistband of my pants being taxed past capacity. There were no more belt holes to loosen things up, so I found some old runners, crammed my feet in, and muttered a prayer as we walked out the door.

It is time to huck the excuses out the window!

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At the one minute mark, I had to stop. Purpled faced and nearly dying, we walked 10 minutes and then ran, if you can call it that, five more times. I fell onto the bed completely exhausted and mortified.

  • The next day I could barely walk.

At that time in my life, running 5k was a freakishly big, hairy, audacious goal.

The first thing I learned in my running class, was to run for one minute and walk for a minute, then keep repeating until you’re done with your run that day. Diet wasn’t changed, I didn’t learn about technical clothing, I didn’t have to apply Body Glide, we didn’t run hill sprints, and I wore my runners from high school and no one said a word.

Build capacity.

Once I could run one minute and walk another minute without falling into a sweaty heap at the end of the 30 minute run, the run time was increased to 2 minutes. Slowly but surely I got stronger, faster, and did more with the time while I ran.

You must build your capacity over time.

Pick one thing that helps you towards your goal and start doing it. Make it simple and do it until its easy, then add another, and another, and another.

  • Get up 15 minutes earlier.
  • Plan out a menu for your week ahead.
  • Read one book a week that challenges you.
  • Stop watching TV.
  • Block out your work day for tasks and stick to it.
  • Laugh once a day.
  • Ask yourself a question a day and journal about it.
  • Take a multivitamin.
  • Put your laundry in the hamper instead of the floor.
  • Go for a run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Brainstorm things you could start to do that would build capacity in your life. Write them all down and pick one. Do it for 28 days until it become an easy, mindless habit and then pick another one and add that one into your life.

One step at a time day after day after day gets you really far. It is time for you to do the next thing and create momentum towards your goal in life.

Just do the next thing.

Being a tortoise isn’t always exciting, but it always ensures you win at the end.

What one thing could you start doing? What one thing do you want to stop doing?

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  1. it IS that next to last sentence!
    how I live.
    fitness and far beyond.
    not glam. not exciting. works for me 🙂

  2. I love it! I love being a tortoise and making small, real changes, not haring around trying the latest thing. (Did you see what I did there? …I live a sheltered life ;).

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