Love At First Smash

I grew up reading books.

My first experience playing on a competitive team was while I attended University.

I secured the position of ‘bench warmer’ on the women’s basketball team. Twelve women were required to make a team. On a lark, I went to tryouts and much to my surprise only eleven other women showed up. Much to my surprise, I was part of a women’s basketball team.

Needless to say, I went to a very small University.

My main responsibilities were:

  • Hold down the fort. My arse kept the bench securely in place while the other women rotated on and off the court.
  • Ambulance avoidance. I gave two minute breaks to other players before they overheated or had a stroke.
  • Pass NEVER shoot. If the ball somehow made it into my anxious hands, I was instructed to immediately give it to a skilled player.

I hated playing because time and again, I was told losses were my fault and that I didn’t have the skills to make it as a player; yet they needed me.

Don’t ask me why, but I played for two years.

Apparently I am competitive.

I can be overly determined *ahem* stubborn at times!

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My main competition in life has always been myself. I always strive to beat my time, speed, or discipline.

  • Enter bodybuilding.

One of the main reasons I love bodybuilding is the singularity of the sport. You compete daily against yourself and the main competition is not who shows up on show day, rather if you show up every day in life and the gym.

But after nearly killing myself and my body screaming STOP, I finally had to listen. I took my hat out of the competitive bodybuilding ring and kept training like a mad woman just for the love of the sport.

For the last few months I have been wondering what ring to throw my hat into next.

Squash: the sport, not the vegetable. 

Running around like an idiot, smashing the ball with all my might, lunging for over an hour, and laughing hysterically is the most fun I have had in a long time. My husband is very kind to put up with my running into the walls and extreme focus.

Time stands still, but I do not.

  • It was love at first *smash*.

A sport where you get to play with others, but the win is 100% dependent on you.


I have a few new additions crammed into my gym bag.

And can you say functional HIIT? Holy workout Batgirl!

There will be no bench warming for me, but I should probably still be on ambulance avoidance…

What sport do you play for the pure joy of it?

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  1. Similar to squash, I LOVE racquetball. I played it a lot in college…but not too much since. I wish other people wanted to play too. There’s something about being in that room, the intensity, the stress relief, the quick movements that is so much fun! I love the fast pace, too.

  2. I’ve never really played any racquet sports. Weak ankles and tennis, etc. never mixed well for me. You make it sound like fun, though, so I may just have to try squash. I’m sure my husband can teach me. He’s good at ALL that stuff.

    • Maybe it would help your ankles! All I know is my arse and legs KILL afterwards. The first time I played I could barely walk the next day and my arm was useless from my death grip on the racquet.

  3. I’ve never tried squash, but like Katie, my husband has been loving raquetball lately and I’m curious to try it. I run for the pure love of it- I have to make myself incorporate strength training and other cross training for balance!

  4. no way! i always thought that sport was harder than it looked. HIIT for sure!

  5. It’s not about what you do Sweet Donloree, it’s just about moving. If you’re sitting still, you’re simulating death. My friend Doug, a world class badminton player, once emailed me the readout from his heart-rate monitor during a tournament — it averaged 162bpm! Move. Live. Love. Laugh. I bow down to you. Of all the Donlorees in all the world, you’re the Donloreeest….

    • Its good I am the most ‘Donloreeest’…there is a man named Don Loree out there. I wonder how he feels about his Google search results. Poor man!

  6. So glad that you found a sport you love. I was recruited to play on a traveling women’s rugby team (by players at my gym) and really enjoy it and my teammates

  7. I really love tennis and skiing. Actually, I love any raquet sport. It’s such a great stress relief to smash the raquet into a ball or birdie. And skiing is exhilarating beyond belief! Teetering on the edge of in control and out of control, quads burning, wind whipping around … there’s nothing quite like it!


  1. […] My newest sporty adventure is squash. There is nothing quite like sprinting around a small court, lunging like a mad woman, and *smashing* the ball with all your might. […]

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