Tuh-May-Toe, Tuh-Mah-Toe?

Who knew there were so many kinds of tomatoes?

Grape, cocktail, roma, field, pear, beefsteak, plum cherry…just to name a few.


Zebra? Who knew?

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Did you know there are over 7,500 varieties of tomatoes? They come in all different colors, flavors, shapes, sizes, and levels of acidity and sweetness.

Kinda like people.

There are over 7 billion varieties of people on this planet. No one else on the planet has your exact DNA, set of experiences, opportunities, or skills.

You are one of a kind.

One in 7 billion.

  • You’re also just a fruit.

While we are all unique, different, and ‘there is no one like you’, we are more alike than we care to admit.

Once upon a time, I worked for the government.

My job was to do mindless work at a snail’s pace so I didn’t get yelled at for working too quickly or efficiently.

Upon completion of my first task at the job, the conversation went something like this:

DL – Here you go. All done. Database compiled, template created, documents merged and printed, envelopes stuffed, ready to mail!
Government for Life Manager – You’re done? You can’t possibly be done. I gave you that task yesterday afternoon.
DL – Done like dinner! What’s next? Oh and where’s the mail room?
GFLM – You can’t possibly be done.
DL – Seriously. I’m done. I need more work. It wasn’t very hard….
GFLM – (giant eyed and serious head shaking) You can’t possibly be done. You must take more time to do these things.
DL – Oh? OH! Oh…. I see. Sure, I can double check things. Right?
GFLM – Triple, quadruple check. You have to slow down. We don’t get things done around here.
DL – Alrighty. So what do you want me to do then?
GFLM – Read something. Research something. Look busy.

Apparently there wasn’t enough room to seat all the unnecessary employees, which meant I was crammed into a very small boardroom with three interns. They converted a few tables into desks by putting a rolling filing cabinet right where your feet were supposed to go. It was tight quarters.

The four of us couldn’t have been more different.

Every single day we pretended surprise at the news of a breakup, crazy work happening, family visit, or anything occurring in the lives the other three women in boardroom 22-E.

We couldn’t help but share our lives, we were too close to not.

Despite our extreme differences, we found similarities that could not be denied and in sharing our lives, we found deep friendship that changed all of us for the better.

We may all be unique, but our experiences bring us together.

Don’t wait until you’re crammed into a tiny boardroom to share your life with someone. Its in the sharing that you find support, help, and more understanding that you knew existed.

  • We need each other.

Life is not meant to be done alone. You are not alone in your experience; good or bad. Sing, cry, laugh, mourn, and dance with your tribe of people, even if they are forced on you in the form of a teeny boardroom.

He says ‘tuh-may-toe’, she says ‘tuh-mah-toe’…I say ‘FRUIT!

Who are you cramming in your boardroom with you?

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  1. Seven billion yes, but we all come from a breeding population of about 1,500 people 70,000 years ago — we’re all family too. (except in Texas where they know the earth is 5,000 years old)

    Nice piece!!!

  2. Love this post. I used to be a bureaucrat too!

  3. even in a room full of people, it is easy to feel alone.

    but we are all in this together!

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