Find Your Greatness

Why do we oftentimes believe the lie that we weren’t made to be great?

  • That greatness is reserved for a select few?

It is time to raise expectations. Whatever you look for, you will eventually find.

What are you looking for?

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  1. I already found my greatness…just perfecting some of it now 😉

  2. This is why I love the Olympics…ads/promos like this inspire us to become “greater” versions of ourselves. We are all capable of it…so just do it!

  3. So true. We all have greatness inside, we just have to tap into it! The Olympics are a very inspiring time to do so

  4. GREAT has no many definitions. We all have our own way to greatness 🙂

  5. We’re BORN great. And we get to choose to pursue greatness. What that means is different for everyone and we’re all contending with various environmental and societal barriers, as well as personal ones. Some are in a more optimal position to move toward personal fulfillment than others. This is a “great” reminder though of the value of wondering…..

  6. I totally needed this today! Thank you, D!!


  7. This is awesome! I feel like I’m always digging deaper to find all of my greatness….never settling!

  8. Oh, man – I am so that little boy standing on the diving platform right now.

  9. I am looking for peace. I always knew, intellectually, that changing one’s body is an ever changing journey, where the goal posts move and shift, but I didn’t know it in my bones until recently. I always thought I would be happy at 145lb. Magically happy, BING, once I see that number. Now I’m 144lb and no BING yet – it’s not to do with how much I weigh but how I FEEL. But try telling me that sometimes 😉

    • YES. In actuality I am happier with myself now than I was when I stood on the stage at my leanest. I am learning to like ME…but boy is it a process!

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