Houston, We Have a Problem…

On the Pinterest Love Scale, I give myself a 6.237 out of 10.

I land somewhere close to the middle of the road when it comes to Pinterest. I like to virtually collect things as much as the next woman, but I am not an avid ‘pinner‘.

This morning while browsing through ‘fitness pins’ in a semi-caffeinated state, I noticed a picture of a fit woman pinching a nearly imperceptible amount of subcutaneous fat. The article it linked to went on to discuss exercises to tighten up the aforementioned loose skin.

If this is 'loose', I wonder what 'flabby' looks like....

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Gee, thanks.

What if you, like me, actually have loose skin, not a small amount of subcutaneous fat like the woman featured in the picture?

These articles are not helping women have correct views on what being healthy and fit looks like. There is nothing that needs to be fixed or tightened in the picture, yet we are telling women that being lean and fit isn’t good enough.

Houston, we have a problem…

  • My whole body is loose! Donloree is on the loose!

Being healthy doesn’t equate with having a perfect body. Healthy is moving daily, eating good foods, and working towards maintaining a healthy weight where you thrive, not just survive.

If this is loose skin, I say bring on the flabbiness!

We need to stop spending valuable time doing exercises that involve leaning your head back and moving your jaw in an effort to rid ourselves of a non-existent double chins. We have much better things to do and be in life.

Get to the gym, go outside, or jump into a pool and MOVE.

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Today, I challenge you to…

  • Sweat
  • Lift heavy things
  • Run fast and hard
  • Eat clean
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Lunge across a parking lot
  • Have one bite of dessert

…and love every single minute of it.

Your body was made to move and be fuelled by real food while you live out your amazing calling and purpose.

I scoff in the face of loose skin!

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  1. I will take you up on that challenge to eat 1 bite of dessert today! Love this post!

  2. I’ve seen SO many pictures and things like that on Pinterest and it drives me crazy. I really try to only pin things that display strong women and the focus on what the body can do over “less than in inch of pinch” seen as a trouble zone.

  3. Absolutely love this post! I completely agree that there is far too much emphasis placed on the aesthetic parts of health and not enough discussion on living a healthy life in the holistic sense.

    • Health is so much more than just what your body looks like! We are whole people and need to be healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Oftentimes by trying to get our bodies ‘super healthy’ we make other parts of us sick.

  4. I love the part about eating one bite of dessert! But, seriously, I hate Pinterest. I refuse to join because of crap like this! I used to go on pro-ana/thinspo sites all the time when I was younger, and to me “fitspo” is no different.

    • Oh but I have learned all kinds of things like how to fix a zipper, make cookie monster cupcakes, and create a wreath out of old socks. SO life changing. 😉 bahahah!

  5. Oh totally!! I have tons of loose skin after three c-sections. Sorry, there’s no exercise to tighten that up!! I’ve seen this too, very misleading. Love ya!!

  6. What woman on earth doesn’t have loose skin somewhere? Please! Already did one and two on your list although they were due to carrying heavy groceries uphill in the Toronto humidity today. Not glamorous, but it was exercise!

  7. Sable@SquatLikeALady says

    OMG I remember in high school everyone went through a “face exercise to get rid of the face fat” phase. We looked so. completely. ridiculous. I’m cringing just remembering it :X

    I am not a big fan of Pinterest either. There’s a lot of thinspo on there :/

  8. I can’t agree more with your post!

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