Write it. Bite it. Kite it.

There is no doubt in my mind that you have a dream in your heart that you’re afraid to chase down. After all, you’re human like me, right?

Yup. I’m talking about YOU.

Maybe you want to…

  • change careers
  • lose weight
  • start your own business
  • start a family
  • build an amazing marriage
  • become a master chef
  • travel the world

So what’s stopping you from moving forward and getting what you want?

  • Oh right. Those pesky little things called obstacles.

Three steps to help you accomplish your dreams.

  1. Write it.
    Take time to write out what your dreams and goals are. Don’t run past this step. Enjoy dreaming what is possible and write it down. You get to be as bold and audacious as you want, no one but you will see this dream until you accomplish it. Set your sights high and then make it bigger.
  2. Bite it.
    What are all the steps, things, and people you need to make it happen? How long do you need to make your dream a reality? What order do you need to do things in? Eat your elephant one bite at a time!
  3. Kite it.
    Start unraveling the steps and let momentum do it’s work. Take off running straight into the wind of resistance, throw your dream into the air, and watch it start to soar like a kite.

Run with childlike faith!

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It may fall at times, but just pick it up and keep going.

What ambitions are you writing, biting, and kiting?

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  1. I have been reading along for a while now, and I adore your blogs. I want to start my own blog, I will be moving to Germany shortly, walking into a massage therapy business for myself and possibly using my personal training cert…but I have to start on my own fitness journey first. Cheers to writing, biting and kiting! Thanks you so much for blogging, and just being you…careful driver and all 🙂

    never heard that before…..

  3. I am a newbie to your site, but I really love what you are doing! I believe that we can do anything, but sometimes we get worn down and lose sight of our dreams. I have had a long (but good day) at work, and each night I try to check out some new blogs, and your’s really stands out! This post just vibrates with positive energy, and I just feel my mood has shifted to one so much lighter! Feels great! I have also just started blogging about my journey to bring myself back to life, and it is sites like yours that the world needs to see more of. Too many people walk around like zombies…the living dead…because they have lost their spark. Keep up the fantastic work! Peace, Health and Happiness.

    • The living dead, YES! I used to be that woman, but no more. Thank you for your comment and kind words, it means a lot to me. Peace and joy to you as well!

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