Locker Opening – Fabulous Women Please Apply!

I have turned into that annoying morning person who I would have happily strangled three years ago. Before the alarm rings at 4:30, I usually find myself awake, waiting for the sunrise to peek over the horizon.

When the alarm finally chimes, I pop out of bed and happily pour myself a cup of coffee that just finished brewing as I rolled out of bed.

DL Coffee in the AM

Timed brew and crazy hair, it cannot get any better!

Every morning I get to watch the sleepy world come awake in a splash of amazing color.

No two mornings ever show up the same.


It was a gooder this morning!

Journaling, planning my day, tweeting, eating the usual fare for breakfast, packing my fab gym bag full of workout paraphernalia, and training all happens before I officially start my work day.

I love going to the gym early in the morning for several reasons:

  • Endorphins are a great way to kick off your day.
  • There are very few ridiculous men to contend with.
  • I love checking things off my list.
  • My husband goes in the am as well.

Mostly, I love the community of women who train in the morning.

These women are fabulous, take charge, and ‘too hard is not in my vocabulary’ kind of women.

These are my people.

We share our lives together in small snippets of time. 15 minutes here and there every morning in between blowdrying and straightening hair, trying not to swear while putting pantyhose on, and admiring each others’ shoes creates quite the dynamic. We share hurts, joys, and goals with each other and talk about everything from our favorite mascaras to what to do when you feel like you’re ready to give up on everything.

Yesterday, one of them was telling me about a possible job change. One that would take her across the country and change her life significantly. While we applied deodorant and and discussed the possibilities, I started to feel sad.

  • I am going to miss her.

As we got excited for her and what the next chapter would be in her life, I realized a small piece of my heart would be moving across the country with her.

We were in ‘it‘ together.

The great thing about investing in people is that it grows you. Part of me is going to be living on the east coast of Canada and we have both been changed and challenged by sharing the small, mundane parts of our lives with each other.

If you give away a piece of your heart, not a piece of your mind, you will always get more back; even if it moves across the world.

There’s a locker opening up at the YMCA, all fabulous, kick arse women are welcome to come be part of the amazing early morning crew.

Warning: I do tend to be sleepy some mornings!



Who is part of your kick arse community?

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  1. christine says

    LOVE my early morning workout – check it off the list, one less shower and it kinda feels like you’re getting away with something. 🙂
    I have forged some great friendships between sets and the group I spend my early morning hours, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing some evening cocktails, bowling adventures and surprise birthday parties as well. Such a treat!

    • I know, it totally feels like you’re getting away with something! I love it.

      Meeting people that understand your lifestyle of fitness and live it is refreshing to say the least!

  2. I don’t know how you get up so early! Does that mean you go to bed at 8.30pm??

  3. I just posted about the power of community yesterday… so true that we are “in it” together! I do a 5am crossfit class 3-4 times a week and I love the group of people there! Something about those early risers… we’re crazy!

  4. Loved this posting. The unspoken rule at my gym seems to be we don’t look at each other, never mind speak! Maybe I just need to get there earlier? 🙂

    • Possibly….or perhaps you should just break the rules. I break them all the time. I just say hi and tell them my name with a big smile. 😀

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