Buh-Bye Bikini or Bust!

There is a season for everything.

If you are a details orientated person, you may have noticed my URL changed from bikiniorbust.com to donloree.com last week. I won’t fault you if you didn’t notice.

Domain changes are about as exciting as watching grass grow.


Nice to have, but totally boring to watch grow.

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Unless you’re the farmer.

I am seriously excited about watching the grass grow these days.

Here’s the deal.

You’re going to get all of me, not just the crazy Figure Competitor part of me. I am going to write from the heart, share my life, and chase more audacious goals.

You are all invited to come along as I write my story because, well, I love you guys.


What are you going to write in your life's story?

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I know what you must be thinking….

Seriously? There is more crazy? Uh, Donloree…I don’t know if we can take it.

I want to change the world, but in order to do that I need to change, lead, and challenge myself.

I also need to just be me while I do it.

The chapter in my life called ‘Bikini or Bust! Adventures of a Fat Girl Turned Figure Competitor‘ has come to and end.

Celebrating the end of something is an amazing thing.

When I quit being an executive at a web design and SEO firm and started my own business, I planned the ‘Shoploree‘. It was a women’s shopping adventure complete with dinner, private sales and shopping at a boutique, drinks, gift bags, cup cakes, and tons of ridiculousness.

Thirty-eight women had the time of their lives that night and I was blessed to spend the evening with so many amazing women. A speech was made by your’s truly about the value of friends and community and how together we are better all while standing in the display window next to well dressed mannequins.

  • Tears may or may not have been shed.

Since you all can’t come to a ‘Shoploree‘ to celebrate the end of Bikini or Bust with me, I have decided to write an ebook about my misadventures while getting fit.

A snippet for your reading pleasure…

If I Die, Please Bring Cheesecake To My Funeral

I Blame Angelina

I have spent more of my life than I would like to admit, hoping and praying that Angelina Jolie would get a muffin top.

She has failed me in every way.

Even after giving birth, she still remains muffin top free. If she had a muffin top and embraced it, all women everywhere would be liberated.

My faith in Angelina to champion the everyday woman was so great that I decided to not be overly concerned about my muffin top.  After all, the last thing I would want to be is out of fashion when the muffin top became the next big thing in haute couture.

To be ready for Angelina’s show of daring, I consumed M&Ms, Doritos, white breads, and pastries on a regular basis and also avoided strenuous exercise.

The muffin top has yet to make an appearance at New York Fashion Week. After over a decade of waiting, I finally realized it was never going to happen.

It was time to liberate myself of wearing ‘foundational undergarments’ akin to a straight jacket in order to fit into my clothes. What can I say? I think it’s important to be able to breathe and sit down without looking like you’ve pulled every muscle in your back.

A woman can only wait so long for Angelina to come through for her before its time to change tactics.

It was time to get to get my arse to the gym.

I am editing like a mad woman and more details about the launch of ‘If I Die, Please Bring Cheesecake To My Funeral’ will be coming shortly.

Excited doesn’t even start to describe how I feel about the ebook.

DL Coffee Cup

Coffee, book, you, me...perfection!

I laughed out loud while editing some of the ridiculousness coming your way.

Who’s writing the next chapter with me?

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  1. Chrystal cook says

    You are amazing and i cant wait to read it but wont it be in paper too???

  2. So excited for you! This is such an amazing chapter in yor life that is opening up and I’m excited to be able to read all about it!

  3. I am ridiculously excited for you!! Here’s to new adventures and a new chapter in the life of the fabulous Donloree!!

  4. I’m constantly writing/editing/rewriting the chapters of my life 😉

  5. Haha, you have the funnest way of writing – I’m so sorry Angeline Jolie has let you down! 😉

  6. I am so excited for you! I wish you so much success and can’t wait to read it! I am envious of your courage and determination to live the life you have always wanted! It is so much more than a physique competition I am sure!

  7. Melanie Robinson says

    This is so utterly exciting. I love you my friend!!

  8. Yay!

  9. Awesome! I did notice the domain name change (what can I say, I’m observant!) so I thought something new and exciting might be on its way. Can’t wait for the ebook!

  10. I’m with you! Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in store – you are already a huge life-motivator for me. Keep it coming!

  11. All good things come to end right? but Im sure donloree will be even bigger and better 🙂 looking forward to following you along on all adventures to come : )

  12. I’m sad. But I’m happy! Okay, it’s still you and your fabulousness (is that a word?) So I’m ready and excited!!

  13. Yay for you Donloree!!! I also noticed the domain change and knew you were up to something. So stealth you are indeed! Can’t wait for the ebook! Your stories always leave me smiling so I’m sure it will be ridonculous!

  14. I love new beginnings and can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

  15. I am soooo excited for your e-book! Can’t wait to read! your blog was one of the first competition blogs I subscribed to, But I have completley fallen in love with your style of blogging! I will be following you on your crazy journey!

  16. I noticed the domain change! Do I get a prize? And woo hoo on your latest new beginning – although is it a new beginning or just progression / evolution….

  17. Congrats on the next chapter…I am excited to read and watch. Keep playing games and beating da boys!

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