Did I Turn Off The Stove?

I made oats the old fashioned way, on the stove.  Bring to a boil, simmer on low, gobble them up like a mad woman, and then get your arse to the gym.

At least that’s my routine.

1.87 kilometers into my drive to the gym, I wonder the same thing nearly every morning.

Uh, did I turn off the burner?

Fretting, worrying, and wondering if home insurance papers will survive the fire happens next.

Anxiety became my default reaction around the age of 13.

This is most likely the case because I was 5’8″, wore glasses, played the cello, and preferred the library over the lunch room. Standing bewildered in the middle of a junior high cafeteria while holding a lunch tray after being told nerds aren’t allowed to sit with the cool kids leaves marks you cannot see.

Every single day I would start to feel queasy during Algebra, but History made me want to barf. History was fourth period and after fourth period came lunch.

Every weekday morning from September to June, I anxiously awaited lunch period.  Instead of learning about America’s history or figuring out how long it took Sue to get to Point A traveling on a train at 95 mph while Adam travel on a different train at a speed of 110 mph, I made contingency plans to overcome being snubbed, teased, and taunted.

I honed the skill of anxiety.

Seth Godin Lynchpin

Oh crap, not what I want to practice!

Why do we practice failing?

I do it all the time.

Worrying about what may happen, rather than moving forward into what I want is something we do all the time.

  • What’s the worst that could happen?


Seth Godin’s book Lynchpin, which is all about how to be you and be amazing at being you, has a whole section on anxiety.

So what does Seth advise?

Sit with it.

Yup. Feel it, acknowledge it, and make peace with it. This approach seems counterproductive, but eventually the itch stops being itchy if you don’t scratch it.

  • Don’t reward worry.

Let the anxiety run its course until it gets bored of annoying you, eventually it will fizzle out.

The difference between a successful artist and a failed one happens when the the idea is hatched. The difference is the race to completion. Did you finish?

~ Seth Godin

You have dreams, ambitions, and desires.

I have no doubt you also have worries, anxieties, a ‘what ifs’.

Its your choice, keep getting in your way or get out of your way.

What itch are you going to scratch?

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  1. SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS! Anxiety can absolutely become a default, a habit. I love “Let the anxiety run its course until it gets bored of annoying you, eventually it will fizzle out.” – awesome. You go girl!

  2. It feels sooooo good to let worries go. Stress is so pointless.

  3. Chrystal cook says

    Hmmm wowwwww i suffer from anxiety especially at school in class when i am required to have some work done it hurts my marks alot!!! Im working on it, i may very well need to findxthis book!!! Sounds intriguing!!!

  4. I suffer anxiety with other people, especially new people; I fret over what I say, what I sound like, if I seem stupid or silly; did everything come out right? why did my voice suddenly take on that Brooklyn Mafia quality? Oddly, this does not apply in the work place.

    • Oh, I know what you mean! At work they like you so much they pay you to be there and demand you show up every single day. Heck, if you don’t show up they call you. 🙂
      In life people vote on you in different, less obvious ways. Suz, I will let you know that everything about you is adored, especially the Brooklyn Mafia quality that your voice takes on at times. 😀

  5. I do this all. the. time. seriously, story of my life. You’re right ; I’m working on overcoming it now. working through it!

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