Satan Lives in the Hamper

Some women have been genetically gifted with fabulous arms, a nice round arse, or a teeny, tiny waist.

Not me.

My genetic gift is a giant set of eyes. I have frightened more than a few people by taking off my glasses to reveal the massive blue orbs.

The change is startling, to say the least.

Large eyed Donloree

I can see you...

Heck, even my optometrist told me I have much larger eyes than most.

My whole family has HUGE eyes.

Imagine what it was like to be told at the age of five by your older sister that Satan lives in the clothes hamper. Her already large eyes were literally the size of loonies as she emphasized the importance of not getting caught by Satan when putting your clothes in the hamper before bed.

My head bobbed up and down with wide eyed understanding.

Every single night we raced down the hall on the gold shag carpet, careened around the corner in the dark, and threw the clothes into the hamper with haste. The adrenaline induced run back to the safety of our bedroom was worse than the race towards the hamper.

Fear gripped the depths of my soul whenever I tripped on the seam in the rug halfway down the gauntlet back to safety.

Every single night I slammed the door behind me and a shudder ran over my body.


Just in case you were wondering, Satan never inhabited my parent’s clothes hamper but I sure believed it for a long time.

Oftentimes as adults we take in information and don’t question it. We allow our thoughts to run free, never questioning where they came from, if they are true, what we want to do with the information.

  • Perhaps Satan is living in your hamper.

Every morning my timed coffee pot beeps two minutes after I’ve become vertical for the day. At 4:34 I have a hot cup of coffee in hand and my file folder with the day’s tasks are in front of me. After I schedule my day, I spend time journaling and asking myself questions.

My very first journal was a Cabbage Patch journal I received for my birthday at the age of eight from my mom. I have been writing ever since. There is a lifetime of memories captured on hundreds of pages in Moleskins and Paperblanks.

Donloree's Journals

Just a few of my journals. The pink on the top in the back is the Cabbage Patch one. Yup, I still have it!

Getting curious about yourself is one of the best things you can do in life.

In order to capture my musings about my purpose, memories, things I am proud of, hurts, disappointments, success, and everything in between, I ask myself questions.

A sample of the questions I ask.

  • What am I most proud of?
  • What change am I going to implement today?
  • How am I going to show up today?
  • What feelings are swirling around in my heart?
  • What do I believe to be true?
  • What values are being stepped on?
  • What am I going to say yes to?
  • Where am I heading? Where do I want to head? What’s the difference?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • What do I want?

The answers oftentimes surprise me. Out of this newfound information about myself, I can make more informed decisions and start to choose more of my thoughts.

Start your questions with ‘What….‘ and see what happens. I think you will be surprised with what you learn about yourself.

And just to be 100% transparent, to this day hampers still freak me out a little bit.

Just a wee bit…

What are you asking yourself?

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  1. I agree that most adults don’t question things, especially themselves. I think as adults our answers to those questions might fundamentally change our world and that can be scary…which is exactly why we should constantly ask questions like you listed to make sure we are living an authentic life!
    I love your beautiful big eyes! Where they that big when you were a baby? 🙂

    • The answers can be scary, you are correct! Some of the scariest answers have resulted in the best changes in my life.
      Yup, my eyes were this mondo as a baby. 😀

  2. Another good one Donloree……..I couldn’t figure out where you were going with Satan in the hamper (he lived in the basement at my house – where the ice cream was kept, of course!), but again, you bring it around to a very thought provoking, lightbulb over the head moment! Yep….right into adulthood I went with just taking for granted so many things I’ve been told. Questioning things with a what or why is so liberating and takes back some of that control I’ve so easily given up to the “experts” before. Okay, I’m rambling so I’ll stop now, but I really loved this one!

  3. LOL! Once again you made me smile. Now that you bring it up with the day in age of blogs, facebook and just plain electronic newsletters coming to me daily I tend to “believe” everything I read and don’t always think about why?

    There have been times where I would roll my eyes or just say “whatever” and move on, where I get tripped up is where articles come out regarding losing weight or keeping weight off. Unless its a magic pill….ya right!

  4. Good questions!

  5. Funny! I used to think Jaws lived under my bed. Thanks Dad for taking me to see Jaws when I was 8! I would jump from the doorway into bed with as few floor touches as possible to avoid being eaten. I love the questions. I know what I’m afraid of and think of how to overcome it. Actually implementing those things is another battle though. Someday. 🙂

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