Somebody Give Me an ‘F’!

Failure is a part of everyday life.

I used to love asking myself the ‘What if…‘ question about failure.


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It was an interesting question to ask, but it got me nowhere fast. Dreaming, wishing, and hoping is fun and carefree when there is no risk involved; unfortunately it is not real life.

  • Living is risky.
  • Living is full of failure.
  • Living is messy.

The question isn’t ‘What would I do if I could not fail?’, rather it is ‘What will I do with my failures?’

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Don’t let the reality of failure keep you from achieving your dreams.

It takes more failure, trying again, and getting up than we realize or want to admit to become a success.

  • Fail faster.
  • Fail sooner.
  • Fail better.

How many times you fall down is an irrelevant number. The number that matters is how many times you get up.

Get up!

Fail forward into success.

What are you going to do with your failures?

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  1. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and be pleasantly surprised by how many times you don’t fail! People miss so much in life when they’re crippled by the fear of failure.

  2. Fearing failure is a concern of mine. The past two years I have taken uncharacteristic risks and stared failure in the face. Some of the riskiest things I have done have yielded the greatest rewards!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really like this post. The idea of failing has stopped me so many times before I have even started pursuing something. No longer. Your perspective on failure has made me see that sometimes this is the only way to succeed.

    Thank you!


  4. The thought of failing has stopped be before I have even started many things in my life. No longer. Your perspective on failure has made me realize that the only way to succeed is to be prepared for all outcomes. Onward we go.

    Many thanks for your post!


  5. I am definitely getting braver because I keep pushing myself farther in my abilities to walk distance. This post makes me want to sign up to the Half Marathon instead of waiting….because I am afraid to fail.

  6. If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself of and try again… you have the Aaliyah song stuck in my head 😉

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