Five Amazing Things I Learned From Gluing a Bikini to My Arse

Three years ago I had a dream hidden in my heart and no idea how to make it happen.

Compete in a bodybuilding show.

I know you’re supposed to write all your dreams and goals down to keep yourself accountable to what you want to do, draw a line in the sand, and a set your intention.

None of that was done.

The best I could do was whisper it to myself late at night when I found a wide eyed woman staring back at me in the mirror. Somehow it seemed possible, so I started towards my secret goal. Eventually I told my husband and swore him to secrecy.

In August of 2010, something shifted.

I felt I had something to share with the world, so I threw caution to the wind and started a blog.

It was Bikini or Bust!

I had not idea what I was doing, just where I was going.

Over the last few years I have learned more than I thought possible from gluing a bedazzled suit to my arse.

Five amazing lessons I didn’t expect to learn.

#1 Teamwork really does make the dream work!

Bodybuilding seems like a singular sport. You train alone, eat weird foods that no one else eats, haul food around in your purse, have a structure schedule, and on show day it is just you on the stage; you against the world.

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It takes a community to raise a competitor. My coach, husband, friends, family, and online community were mission critical to getting my ridiculous self on that stage.

If you want to do something great, surround yourself with great people.

#2 You never arrive.

We all have mountain top experiences in life, but once you reach the summit there is a new summit in the distance that you must conquer. Arriving is a fleeting experience and living is where it is at. The trek up to the top is where you do all the living and growing.

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Enjoy every moment. Relish in the struggle and the victory.

#3 Pant size is just a freaking number.

Yup, I used to weigh over 215 pounds and wear size 20. I have worn size zero and am currently residing in a size 8 pant. No one cares except me.

When I go to do something audacious and exciting, no one asks me what size my pants are that day. My attitude, courage, and discipline are the factors that determine my success.

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Wearing size 0 is not the be all and end all.

Happiness is found in loving and appreciating yourself for who you are, not for what size you are.

#4 Purpose and passion are more important than carbs.

Have you ever given up on something? The answer to the rhetorical question is ‘yes‘. We have all given up on a dream or goal at one time or another. Most likely you forgot why you were doing it in the first place, or there was no real reason to accomplish the goal.

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Do things that have a purpose. The going will get rough and you have to know why you are doing what you are doing in order to keep going. Easy is what lazy people do. Moving forward in the face of obstacles and challenges is what makes you a champion.

Know your purpose and do things that ignite passion. 

#5 Score yourself before you’re judged.

When I competed, I came in dead last.

Being judged, assessed, and placed is part of competition. If my whole purpose was to win the show, then I failed miserably. I knew my score going into the competition. There was no doubt in my mind that I had given 100% and I gave myself first place in the ‘Becoming the Best Donloree on the Planet’ competition

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Compare yourself only to yourself, all other comparisons either make you cocky or bitter.

A little while ago, I made the choice to not compete again. My heart was heavy as I didn’t know where I was off to next, but I knew I needed to say no to competing in order to say yes to new ventures.

Good thing the ‘Becoming the Best Donloree on the Planet’ competition is always open for me to compete in. Some days I absolutely demolish the competition, others I fail to show up.

Do you want to know what the most wonderful thing I learned from gluing a bedazzled suit onto my arse and competing is?

I am way more fabulous than I thought I was, and so are you!

What have you learned from chasing down audacious dreams and goals?

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  1. I think this is your best blog yet – seriously! This one really touched me, hit home, made me look over my shoulder to see if you have been standing there watching me in my “fitness” efforts the last few years. Love it Donloree!!

  2. I love your “Becoming the Best Donoloree on the Planet” competition idea! Really, at the end of the day… that’s all that matters! (at least, this is what I tell myself)

  3. I love you!


  4. I just love this post. It’s full of awesomeness.

  5. Of all the Donlorees in all the world, you’re the Donloreeiest! ‘Nuff said.

    This is your best post to date — in my opinion!

  6. Your posts are always so thoughtful and inspiring! Thank you!

    My secret dream is to compete in cross-fit regionals:)

  7. Those secret dreams are scary but by pushing ourselves out there we learn and grow. I hope to make a similar post one day 😉

    We are all amazing at being “us”! We have to realise that we are unique, our journeys and influences and motivations are our own, and everyone brings SOMETHING to the table. Love it!

    • Living the secret dreams is where it is at. It just takes a lot of courage to go for it!

      I have no doubt that you will have a similar post one day…and probably sooner than you think!

  8. Best. Post. Ever.

  9. I am so excited that you will be competing again! this is wonderful….Ive been toying with the idea myself but I just dont know if I ready for it….Its so much more mental than anything else! that and giving up a lot foods which doesnt have to be the be all and end all. Happy I get to share in your second journey to the stage!

    • ooops NOT to compete geez I need to read more carefully! and either way I’m still behind you! I’ve been toying with the idea myself as I said….was feeling guilty for not wanting to do it too….

      • Life is way too short to not do the things we want to do. You are an amazing woman doing fabulous things, only glue the suit on again if helps you get where you want to go.

  10. Love #3 “No one cares except me”. Thank you!

  11. Great post!

  12. Love, love, love this post! I needed this I compare myself way to much to others and I don’t know where my body should be on pant size except I hate being higher than where I was at my lowest. I have a lot to think about and to work on.

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