It Is Time To Be Ridiculous!

There is definitely a time and place for ridiculousness.

My usual Modus Operandi for ‘ridiculousness’ involves OCD panic attacks about where my iPhone is, soliloquies about how useless static is, or grandiose statements about the ‘state of our world.

It keeps life interesting.

My attitude and perspective is up to me. I have the choice to see what is or what isn’t. What I do with my attitude makes or breaks my day.

Make today ridiculously amazing.

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Even if I am suffering from severe, and I mean severe, static cling, I still have the opportunity to make the day amazing. I am sure there is some fabulous invention that I use on a daily basis that is run off static….

….but for everything else, there is static guard.

It is up to you, what are you going to do with your day?

Keep it static or get your guard handy?

Choose joy. Choose to be static free.

Choose to be ridiculously amazing!

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