The Fine Distinction of Can’t

Often times, I am guilty of telling myself that I can’t do something. If I am honest, there are very few things in life that I can’t do.

I could…

  • Climb Mount Everest
  • Walk across North America
  • Go to the moon
  • Complete an ironman triathlon
  • Swim the English Channel

The question isn’t if I can or can’t; its whether I want to.

It turns out, I just don’t want to.

Many people say they can’t do things, but in reality they just don’t want to do it.

  • Get a new job
  • Eat healthy
  • Go to the gym
  • Say positive things about themselves and others
  • Get enough rest
  • Give up sugar
  • See what is possible
  • Speak in front of people
  • Run a race
  • Go back to school

The list of things we ‘can’t’ do is endless.

Usually, we don’t want to admit we need help or to do the work associated with getting what we want. I fall into this trap more often than I would like to admit.

Results comes from doing the the hard work day, after day, after day.

Why are we more comfortable saying we can’t do something than saying we don’t want to do something?

Imagine the freedom of living from a place of choice where you choose what you do and don’t do, instead of living life as a victim. If you don’t want to, don’t. Own it.

Neither you or time are renewable resources.

Do what you love and want to do and don’t wait to get started. Don’t look at what you didn’t do or haven’t accomplish. Rather, choose to see what you could do, what you want to do, and then get to work.

It’s not going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it.

You are worth it.

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Every good idea doesn’t need to be acted on. 

  • Is it a good investment of time and effort?
  • What would you have to give up?
  • What do you gain from doing it?
  • Are you passionate about it?
  • Is it important?
  • What’s the worst that would happen if you did or didn’t do it?

What you accomplish and how you live is up to you.

I dare you to change what you say to yourself and see what happens.

  • Its time to trade ‘can’t’ for ‘could’ and open up your world to possibility.

It is ok to not want to do something, even if it is a good idea. Save your passion, time, and energy for great things and creating the life you were meant to live.

What could you do? What’s possible now?

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  1. I love this! It frustrates me when people say “I can’t” to the simplest things – even I do it sometimes when I train. But there is a big difference between not being able to, and not wanting to, do something.

    I was having a chat with the director of the studio I work for the other day, and we were talking about how sad it is that kids aren’t taught to pursue what they LOVE. Speaking from experience, there’s no use doing something you don’t love. If everyone just followed their passion, the world would be a much happier place – and things would run more efficiently.

    • As children we are taught to become a cog in the system, not how to be ourselves. It is sad, but we can change it! 🙂 I also spent a whole decade trying to be someone I wasn’t and do things I hate. Saying ‘no’ is not a bad thing.

  2. Love this! With every choice we make, one of two signals goes off in our heads:

    – I want to do this, so I will


    – I don’t want do this, but I will do it anyway

    And too too often, we choose to do what we don’t want to do — becuuase it’s easier.

    Guilty I am…

  3. This is just what I needed today!!! I was just lamenting over the fact that I keep eating off my meal plan over the weekends and questioning how I was ever going to keep myself on track. Reminding myself that it’s all about choices and I can choose to live healthy for me is great perspective. 🙂

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