Doing What You Love ‘Get In Shape Girl’ Style!

I love, love, LOVE watching people do what they are passionate about. There is something amazing about watching someone find their purpose, live it out, and then help others with what they do.

It is just plain inspirational.

Meet Kyra, one inspirational woman!

Kyra, also known as the ‘Get in Shape Girl’ is an amazing woman who trains fabulous people all over the world, literally. She is full of information, great tips, and resources.

She’s fit and fabulous, but didn’t always used to be fit. She knows what it takes to live a healthy, full life; she walks the talk!

Being healthy and fit takes work, focus, and discipline!

I thought it would be fun for her to share a bit of her story and tell us more about what she does. After all, who doesn’t want to know a woman whose heart is overflowing because she loves what she does?

Exactly. So here’s Kyra!

  • How did you get into fitness and personal training?

Over the course of several years, I lost just under 40 pounds.  My fitness journey began as a cardio queen, then I got into strength training and finally I started circuit training and doing cardio in high intensity intervals.  My body changed in a way that I never knew was possible and after that I felt like I had a secret I needed to share with the world, so I became a personal trainer so I could help people all over the world find the change I did.

  • What do you love about personal training?

The greatest thing about being a trainer is getting emails from clients telling me how I’ve changed their lives.  Perhaps it’s because they have lost 10 pounds and can fit back into their jeans from college; perhaps they finally realized they enjoy eating healthy and working out now but they never had before; or perhaps they are finally starting to realize that they are truly beautiful on the inside and out.  Knowing that I am making an impact on just one person’s life has made my life complete.

  • You train online and also wrote a cookbook! Tell me about this cookbook. What is in it and what makes it fabulous?

Well I do most of my work online now.  It’s pretty incredible when you can say you train people on 3 continents and I love training online because the number of people who’s lives you can touch is endless.  


As for the cookbook, when I was training for a bikini competition last year I got really bored of the same food over and over again. I’m not the kind of person who can eat boiled chicken and broccoli and be satisfied so I had to get creative.  I actually created a lot of really healthy meals that I still eat even when I’m not competing that are so delicious even my clients’ kids love them!

  • Diet is a key component to living a healthy lifestyle. What three things can someone integrate into their life to make eating healthy simpler?

Batch cook. I know you hear it again and again, but that’s because it really does help!  I like to cook several chicken breasts on my George Foreman or in the oven every Sunday and portion them out to put in anything from a salad to a wrap.

Pair a protein with a carbohydrate. A protein is pretty self-explanatory – a food that’s calories primarily come from protein (fish, meat, dairy.)  A carbohydrate may be a starchy carb (wheat, grains, legumes, beans, potatoes), a fruit or a vegetable.  If you pair a protein with a carb you are less likely to have a spike in your insulin levels and the protein based food will also keep you full longer because your body takes longer to digest it.

Read Labels. Honestly, most clean foods are found on the outskirts of the grocery stores – your meats and produce.  But for the items you will need to purchase in the aisles like oils, oats, etc, you need to know what you are buying.  So a quick rule of thumb – if you don’t know how to pronounce a word on the label, chances are it is man-made and thus not clean!

Connect with Kyra by checking out her blog, getting helpful hints from her facebook posts, or tweeting with her! And don’t forget to check out her cookbook.

Are you doing what you love?


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  1. This cookbook looks like it’s full of recipes I’d love…

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