Morning Fiasco…Proteinlessloree!

Every single morning I eat the same thing for breakfast.

And every single morning I love it.

1/8 cup kasha slowly cooked in coffee and vanilla extract with tons of cinnamon and a tbsp of cacao powder mixed in. I top it off with 1/2 serving of Diet Doc Vanilla Bean protein powder mixed with coconut water to make a tasty pudding.

Pure deliciousness.

This morning in my semi-comatose state, I went to mix my protein powder up and it was all gone. There wasn’t a speck of powder left. Then I remembered, I finished it off the night before.

dl out of pro powder


Yes, I can get protein powder from the store down the street, but I can’t get Diet Doc Vanilla Bean protein powder. I officially don’t like eating protein that has weird ‘stuff‘ in it.

I prefer to have the protein powder that has the Joe Klemczewski personal stamp of approval.

Sweetened with stevia, need I say more?

Yes, I will admit I am a protein powder snob.

An order for four tubs of Vanilla Bean was placed when I was down to half a container, but Canada Post strikes again. How long does it take to ship to the subarctic from the midwest?

They must still use sled dogs.

I’m a pretty happy woman, but if you get in between me and my protein powder….watch out! You may just get bonked in the head with an empty container.

Angry DL

Yup, it is about to get ugly!

That means YOU Canada Post!

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  1. I feel your pain. I’ve been patiently waiting for my worms for my worm compost and those things can’t live a long time in transit! They should have been here today! My worms better not be dead, Canada Post! Those are some expensive worms! And now I’ve got food for a week for them that I’ll just have to compost through city of Edmonton.

  2. Substitue Diet Doc protein for Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, and we had the exact same morning yesterday…

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