Geriatric Pancakes, a Broken Car, and Blisters!

My day started out with purpose and intention. I planned on taking over the world, at least a little bit. I mean, what else does a woman plan to do on a Monday morning?

Totally appropriate Facebook status for a Monday morning!

So I put my taking-over-the-world-game-face on, got myself to the gym, trained legs, and went off to get blood work done.

Then things went wonky.

When I went to leave, my cute car didn’t start AGAIN. It has been acting up lately, but luckily I have AMA.

AMA and DL

Thank goodness my husband insists on taking care of me in this way.

No worries, they got me on the road within the hour. Fabulous. The only instructions were to let it run for 45 minutes and drive it around. After catching up on emails while the car idled, I started towards home by taking the longest route possible.

In the middle of a very busy intersection the cute car just died. DIED. In mere seconds it went from a running automobile to a hunk of useless metal.

Thank goodness I train like a mad woman.

Without blinking an eye, I hopped out of the car and pushed it in my cute silver flats to the side of the road. No problem. The braking and steering was a tad tricky, but compared to pressing 8 plates this morning, getting the car to the curb seemed like a breeze.

AMA call numero dos.

AMA Call Numero Dos

I think I have the phone number memorized. That's bad, right?

DLH – Hi AMA friends!

AMA – Hi. Are you in a safe location?

DLH – You bet. I am drinking water on the curb and reading a book. How about you? All safe over there?

AMA – Yes. What seems to be the problem?

DLH – Oh my little car is broken. There is a wiring issue from the engine to the battery and I need you to tow my car to Bob’s over at Authority Automotive. He’s fabulous.

AMA – Ok then. Um…did you call earlier this morning?

DLH – Sure did! Got the boost and then the car crapped out on me. I pushed it to the side of the road and am just waiting to be rescued.

AMA – Well on the bright side, you are now in the 5 km distance from your destination, so there will be no charge for the tow.

DLH – Perfect. I will read my book and lurk awkwardly by the car. See you soon!

Good thing I tend to have more things to do with me than necessary at any given moment. I was able to finish my book AND got some knitting done on a project.

DL side of the road

Do you have any idea how heavy this book is? Hardback...SIGH.

The same man that rescued me hours earlier came back. We chuckled and I watched as he pushed my car backwards to make room for the tow truck.

Then it got cah-RAY-zee.

An old man in a motorized wheelchair who seemed to be wheeling under the influence rolled right off the curb and fell into the street behind my car which was being pushed backwards. His body was strewn in the street, directly in the direct path of my car which was blindly rolling backwards.

I leapt behind the car, started screaming, and got into a squat to physically stop the car.

It felt rather Seinfeld-esque.

After helping the confused, yet highly determined elderly man who let me know ‘that danged curb is a doozy‘ back into his wheel chair, I was on foot to get home.

DLH on foot

Ridiculous! But who knows how long the car will be in the shop and a girl needs her 'stuff'!

Seriously, does one woman need this much stuff just to go to the gym and get blood work done?

The answer is no.

Cash is something I had in my purse in the 1990’s, so I couldn’t take the bus and I am way too cheap to take a cab. This morning my pants were fitting, which means I am growing back into them. Cardio seemed appropriate after thinking about my pants, so I started trekking home on foot.

About a kilometer into the trek in my cute, yet ill fitting shoes, I found myself in a cemetery. I was still in ‘take over the world mode‘ and I had an amazing realization.

I am not dead.



If the worst thing that happens to me is my car breaks down and I have to walk a few kilometers while hauling half a house on my back, I have it really good.

I could have been super annoyed and angry, but instead I chose to enjoy the wonkiness. I laughed, smiled, and had a great time getting home.

An hour into my trek home, I found an outdoor zumba class and a festival of sorts taking place in Churchill Square downtown. If my feet weren’t starting to blister, I would have joined in.

If you can’t beat ’em, ZUMBA!

outdoor zumba

So much fun...and I am horrible at Zumba!

While looking at some jewelry, one of the vendors posed an interesting question to me.

Are you weighted down today?

My answer was, ‘Nope. Not at all!. He was looking at my bags and I was looking at my heart.

Perspective makes or breaks you.

I was happy to find a bank machine, get cash, make change, and take the LRT the rest of the way home. It was WAY past meal time and the last thing anyone needed was for me to get hangry.

Taking over the world didn’t involve the 8 million tasks I scheduled at 5 am this morning, instead it was filled to the brim with wonkiness.

Fabulous wonkiness.

After saving the old man from becoming a geriatric pancake by sheer physical strength, I deserve superhero status. At least for the day, right?

Superheroes are known for taking over the world…

What do you do when life goes awry?

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  1. You my lil lady are AMAZING way beyond what you will ever give yourself credit for .. if I was in the path of an oncoming car you would be the one I would want nearby xx

  2. That is the ideal, flow with the bummers, day. I wish I had more of it in me. Trying. Always trying. I’m quite impressed!

    • I had to actually choose it. Just ‘going with the flow’ is not in my nature AT ALL. I am pretty darn proud of myself for having such a fabulous day despite the high level of ridiculousness!

  3. Haha my motto is “bad days make good stories” and in this case- its true! What a great post!!

  4. Wow, what a crazy story! My car has broken down a couple of times, but the worst was when it was torrential rain and it got flooded. In my hometown, it only rains for about 4 weeks out of the year, but when it rains it RAINS. I was driving to work and the roads were completely flooded. My car just stopped working, right in the middle of the highway. I couldn’t move the car because of the knee high water, so I was forced to sit in my car while my feet slowly got wet. And of course, everyone else’s cars had broken down too, so I had to wait 2 hours for someone to get there! Luckily a kind man stopped and towed my car off the road. But definitely don’t want a repeat of that experience again!

    • It was the flood come again! Wow, that doesn’t sound fun at all. Could you get out of your car if you needed to? That actually sounds rather freakish and scary. Eeps!

  5. At least you had a nice day! It could’ve been a blustery -30C in January.

    • Totally! In fact, today in the car as the rain poured down, I turned and said to my husband, ‘Yesterday was the perfect day for the car to break!”

  6. Oh, Donloree, only YOU could have this outlook on this type of day! So entertaining! Glad you made the most of it! Thanks for sharing and for the laugh.

    • After the old inebriated man nearly got smooshed into a pancake, I literally looked around for video cameras. I felt like I was on one of those ‘random funny’ shows. HAH!

  7. Donloree… I always enjoy your blog and your writing. But something about your recent posts (including this one) has really been resonating with me. Please don’t stop writing 🙂 Your blog is topping up my strength reserves during a difficult time… thank you for that. x

  8. Seinfeld is right! Glad you made it home safely. P.S. – Why don’t those LRT ticket machines take debit/visa yet?!!! WHY?!!!

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