Elemenopee Zone

The start of any journey is glorious.

  • Lists are made.
  • Routes are researched.
  • Energy is high.
  • You feel powerful, focused, and unstoppable.
  • Dreams are in abundance.
  • Nothing is impossible.

Sometimes we like ‘starting’ so much that we never get going. Day dreaming, musing, and more preparation is done while we we wait for the perfect conditions to start.

We stand at the start line in a cute outfit, complete with matching shoes and headband, waiting for the starting gun to go off.


No one is going to fire the starting gun. You just have to start.

I don’t know about you, but I also love finishing; especially when I finish well. I image myself coming down the home stretch and I can hear the crowd in the stadium chanting my name…


Crossing the finish line of any epic journey is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.


Both starting and finishing are an emotional high in so many ways. The start is full of anticipation of fulfillment and the finish has more fulfillment than you anticipated.

Unfortunately, most of life is spent in the ‘Elemenopee Zone‘.

  • Elemenopee Zone – (L M N O P zuh-own) The often forgotten, but very crucial letters which make sense of A and Z.

No one stands in a stadium chanting my name after I start my journey. In fact there are so many twist and turns in the process of ‘arriving’ that giving up and going back seems to be the best option.

Then I remember.

The start and the finish don’t mean anything if who I am is not changed, transformed, and grown as I work on moving my start to its finish.

Choose to see what is possible and keep going!

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Who I am matters and is up to me. If spending more time in the ‘elemenopee zone’ makes a more fabulous me, I say bring on the alphabet!

I’ve got a whole life to live and an audacious story to write.

ALL the letters of the alphabet are required.

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  1. Love this post! You don’t get the glory of the finish if you don’t just start and do all the uncomfortable, scary, exhilarating stuff en-route.

  2. So basically what you’re saying is we have to take responsibility!! 😉 There will be positive and negative consequence along the way. FUN!

  3. Once again I applaud your posts! LOVE LOVE IT!

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