Bluetooth Cardio For The Win

Don’t you hate it when you actively choose to do what you don’t want to do?

This month I decided to be ridiculous as I go ‘macro-less’ and wrote the same, old, silly, and boring story that I have lived out time and time again.


  • Peanut butter is purchased while in the midst of a self denial phase.
  • Appropriate consumption of peanut butter happens for a week, maybe two.
  • Small ‘tastes‘ and ‘eye-balling‘ amounts starts to occur.
  • Quality assurance testing of the peanut butter is completed every evening.
  • Two epic spoonfuls are consumed and then the urge to eat the whole jar hits.
  • Remaining peanut butter is drenched in dish soap and tossed in the garbage.

Its really bad when you annoy yourself.

Today was the last stage of the peanut butter cycle. After I tossed the soapy nut butter into the trash, I spied my brand new iB Active headwear  from i Three Sixty. Seeing how I was feeling a tad bit guilty from my rather large peanut butter ‘quality assurance test‘, I decided there was no time like the present to try my new super cool head phones out.

ib active headband

So sporty!

One evening I was bemoaning the fact people rarely let Canadians participate in the giveaways on blogs and twitter and i Three Sixty saw my tweet. He agreed with my bemoanment (nope, that is not a real word) and out of the blue just offered to send me the fabulous bluetooth headphones; I didn’t even have to submit my email address, make a video, or stand on my head.

Yay for people who like Canadians!

So off I went for a run with an inspirational podcast in my ears.

donloree ib active headband

No cords, but some REALLY bad hair.

Such a great idea!

Running with your headphones flopping around, snaked down your sports bra, or pulled so tight that you can’t fully extend your neck are not fun ways to say buh-bye to the nut butter bloat.

  • Headband stayed put
  • Ear buds reached both ears comfortably
  • Sound was awesome

The only downfall is if you leave your phone behind, the music stops eventually. hah! I have a feeling my husband is going to ‘borrow’ it for his long bike rides.

The bluetooth music headband is the most costly, but there are more options to fit your budget that don’t have bluetooth headphones but still keep you from going crazy from cord flopping while running and listening to a podcast or music.

I vote you try this fabulous product from a company that doesn’t discriminate again Canadians.

Run cordlessly!

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  1. I giggle everytime you call it quality assurance 🙂 And oh I must try these ear buds! I’m so sick of cords annoying me, every single day. Never knew these existed. Thank you!!

  2. I love your headband! And I don’t have a peanut butter problem, thankfully! But I know many ladies who do, so stay strong 🙂

  3. Charli Smith says

    YES!!! I’m excited. I’m going to try those instead of getting the Beats head phones just yet. Thank for that tidbit! Can’t relate to the peanut butter….totally allergic. But that can be replaced with Brownies and Ice Cream

  4. I have soaped PB, and disposaled cookies.
    Repeatedly, I go through the cycle of motivation, then my mind telling me I can ‘have just one’
    then the soap and disposal.
    A vicious cycle! Some of us just can’t do it.
    I love your blog and totally relate to the binge/sweets issue. Never had any issue with ‘disordered eating’ except for this.
    Annoying! But could be worse. 😉
    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  5. Lucky you getting the headband. Nice.

    I love peanut butter but I’ve never had the overwhelming urge to eat a staggering amount; although I have read a lot of blogs that talk about just that–not being able to resist the peanut butter. 🙂

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