If Feeling ‘Fluffy’, Avoid At All Costs!

People often ask me, ‘Where do you get the inspiration / find the motivation to train 6 days a week and go to the gym so early?’

Honestly, I don’t really think about it.

I don’t wonder if I am going to or even ask myself if I want to. Even on the days when I think I don’t want to, I will have wanted to finish; so I do it.

I get up, eat breakfast, journal, and drive to the gym on autopilot every day. In fact, it takes work to not get up early and go to the gym. On an average day it is literally harder to not train than to train.

Totally weird, I know.

Then there are some days when working out is a mental game once I get to the gym. In my world, these days can also be referred to as ‘functional training’ days. These are the workouts where you run around the gym like a crazy woman doing 45 seconds of one exercise, then another, and another, and another, and then still yet another.

Continue through exercises until you want to die, rest for 60 seconds, and repeat 5 more times.

  • Set one complete.

I don’t like backing down from a challenge, so I do these workouts. I choose a good attitude, plug myself into a good podcast, and get ‘functional’.

After flopping on the floor like a beached whale from burpees and completing 60lb overhead presses, I was slated to jump rope.

The jump rope was dutifully picked up and I got skipping.

Important question.

Why are there so many danged mirrors in the gym?

Everywhere I looked, there I was flopping around like a fish out of water dying a slow, painful, and horrible death. My body was not moving as a cohesive whole.

Nope, not even close.

Jump roping in a mirror is bad for your self esteem. Then when you catch a horrified stare from a thin, lithe woman who has seven percent body fat reflecting in your general direction, you quietly put the jump rope down and take a long drink from your water bottle while contemplating your body fat percentage.

jump rope

I am allowed to hate this woman, right?

Photo Credit

I was already feeling extra ‘fluffy‘ this week, but the jump rope fiasco confirmed it.

Let’s just say I did cardio after and no jumping of any kind was involved.

Do you avoid your reflection while performing exercises or am I the only one?

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  1. You know you love me!!!

  2. I enjoy seeing the muscle movement when I’m lifting, but can’t say I’ve ever jumped in front of a mirror, nor would I want to.

  3. I have done both and lifting in front of the mirror is usually good but jumping rope is horribly demoralizing. Everything jiggles! Damnit!

  4. Agreed that jumping rope in front of the mirror is one of the less preferred of my reflections; however, I do love a mirror when I’m lifting to help with form and to gauge muscle development.

    I’m more of a naked mirror avoider, myself!



  5. No, jumping in front of the mirror is definitely a no go for this girl. I agree. I’ve done it. BLACH! I can’t jump rope anymore anyway, I’ve had kids. My bladder does not last and it’s super duper embarassing. In fact, can’t even jump on the trampoline for long =(

    Anyway, I get that question too, how do you stay motivated to go everyday? It’s life, it’s part of my everyday routine. I don’t think about it, I just do it. I enjoy it and my day just sucks when I don’t go. Kind of like an obsession. But, I could be obessed with worse, right? =)

  6. I’ve been feeling fluffy as of late myself. it may have to do with a bit of my will power. my morning routines have now become afternoon routines. and while I still work out and feel guilty when I dont, my workouts aren’t as powerful.

    Need to get back to being committed and focused. Taking a chapter out of your autopilot book : P

  7. Charli Smith says

    I totally agree! WOW! I felt the exact same way my last workout when I incorporated HIIT that included jump roping in each round. Although I love jump roping and its a great form of cardio, jumping up and down while looking at myself in the mirror and a thin lady also jumping in front of me. LOL! Thank goodness I have a high self esteem but being bloated and jumping up and down just didn’t do me justice, lol. I, too, took a long sip of water did a few kettlebell swings (no jumping) and finished my workout. It was a love/hate relationship that day!

    • Total love hate relationship! What made me just howl was the fact that my shoulders, legs and butt don’t move at all…but the arms and muffin top. ACK! lol

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