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My least favorite body part to train is legs.

If you gave me a choice to run 10 km or train legs, I think I would choose running most days. If you know how much I *love* running, you would know what a mental task it is for me to train legs once a week.

Kicking my week off with legs is the equivalent of a three year old eating her vegetables first.

After Monday it is a glorious week of delts, arms, chest, and back with some abs and cardio thrown in for good measure. Since I would prefer tree trunks instead of pencils for legs, I train like a mad woman on leg day.

I like to know that I creamed my no.2 pencil legs and all the iron being squatted, extended, and lunged is making a difference. I’ve gotta know my legs are growing!

Funny things happen after an epic leg day.

  • Water is avoided to the point of dehydration. Sitting down to use the bathroom becomes a task that causes you to yelp out in absolute pain. When you are in a public washroom this can lead to extreme awkwardness.
  • Elevators and escalators are used without shame. Walking up or down a flight of stairs requires more strength than you have left in your legs. You and all the grandmas get to catch up on what is going on in the world while your friends take the stairs.
  • Standing is preferred at meetings. Your legs are heavy and sitting seems like a good idea until you have to get up. Hoisting yourself out of a boardroom chair while trying to remain professional is a skill all on its own.
  • Walking like a drunken sailor without consuming a drop of alcohol. Lurching, stumbling, and tripping are all part of a normal leg day in my world. I nearly took out a man doing box jumps this morning; he was very forgiving when I muttered, ‘Leg day.
working hard

I am making surrender darn near IMPOSSIBLE!

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At least I know I did a great job ‘eating my veggies‘ this morning!

Time to bring on the arms and delts!

What is your favorite body part to train?

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  1. Straight up, and yes I read this word for word that quickly: Legs are the hardest things to get. But once you got ’em, they are the most satisfying to train…..

  2. I like training legs…although my favourite lately has been mixing body parts up. Today I did deadlifts and pullups…..I also like sprinting with squats (deadly).

    Keep up the great posts!

  3. I LOVE training legs, and I loooove the DOMS, I embrace them, grrr. But my favourite body part to train is the one I started to see progress in first, good old Biceps. Love training and flexing these bad girls…. I’ll show myself out shall I…

  4. Linda Steward says

    I love leg day!!!!!!! Give me squats…the heavier the better. Of course I love chest and back too. I am not a cardio person at all…anything that requires endurance…blah! I have been working hard on hating burpees less and I think I may have conquered them. 🙂

  5. LEGS and BOOTY all the way! Love lower body anything! I love squatting and hip thrusting and other such things. It’s probably a good thing since right now that’s really my only option for working out since my shoulder is a little jacked up.

  6. I never thought I’d find anyone else who hates leg days too! I think because yes, DOMS for 4 days is just not fun. Also though, because I put so much effort into and still see little results. For the last two years. It’s tough. I am so with you on biceps, that’s my favorite day!!

  7. I recently completely a lower-body workout that took me FIVE days to recover from. The squatting/sitting down in chair pain…I feel ya!

    • I hate that feeling. It gets embarrassing at times. I will never forget the one time I was in heels and a suit and couldn’t walk down 8 stairs due to leg doms….we had just finished a big networking lunch and I looked ridiculous! All the men chuckled. I grimaced.

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