I Media, You Media, We All Media!

Yesterday started off as do all my days.

  • 4:30 am wake up
  • Coffee…more than is reasonable
  • Kasha
  • Arse kicking workout.

After the usualness, I did something unusual.

I spoke at iMedia about blogging, and boy was it fun!

Donloree at iMeda

Oh the self portraits! I should have told them to get better at them than I am.

When I wasn’t talking about how much I love blogging, aka YOU, I got to take in the sessions. Thank goodness! The last thing I wanted to do was listen to myself all day when there are fantabulous people to meet, learn from, and tweet with about what we were learning.

Oh how I love Twitter!

I learned about SEO, developing a brand, putting forward a great pitch, and creating a professional image; which is great, but my blog is an oddity. My blog is ME, Donloree Hoffman, and all my craziness online. So while I was learning about how to be a better blogger, I couldn’t help but take away some fabulous life lessons.

Darren Barefoot

  • Deeply engage with people and be remarkable.
  • Don’t add numbers to everything. Numbers matter, but people matter more.
  • Don’t be stupid, think about what you’re saying.

Rebecca Bollwitt

  • Pay for the good stuff, the stuff that matters.
  • Freelance is not free, everything has a cost!
  • Everything takes time, keep going.

In my effort to be a real girl and not bring all my food everywhere, I ate from the buffet line. This may have resulted in scaring a few people, but the deconstructed deli sandwich + epic amounts of spinach salad = a DL approved meal.

Even if the sandwich guts looked suspicious.

sandwich at imedia

Yup, all covered in random 'sauce'. I didn't wipe off the sandwich meat...I just ate it sauce and all. No reason to completely freak out my new friends!

And to top the day off, I won the biggest door prize on the planet.

mondo printer

The thing is HUGE! I think I could fit IN the box once the printer comes out. hah!

I feel a pressing urge to print things….many, many things!

Yesterday was a good reminder to show up, do your best, be yourself, and just be amazing.

Go be amazing today!

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  1. Good thing you had an OLD friend in line with you that didn’t think it strange that you were pulling apart your sandwiches. 🙂 Love the picture of you with the printer. Seriously. That thing is ridiculous.

    • I love the lady who TOOK the picture. 😉 I was thinking about how strange life is yesterday. As IF you and I were at a social media conference in Edmonton after meeting in Puyallup 17 years ago….we didn’t even know what social media was! Question – why didn’t we invent Facebook? hah!

  2. Thanks for the breakfast idea. Can’t wait to try it. Looks delish and filling!

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