Buh-Bye Macroville!

I am a self proclaimed ‘Walking Macropedia‘.

Macropedia – (mah-crow-pee-dee-uh) A woman who can spout off the proteins, carbs, and fats for all the commonly eaten fruits, vegetables, starches, meat, and dairy items found in her local grocery store before you can say ‘Jenny Craig‘. A high functioning Macropedia does not require the aid of a smart phone app or online food database to accurately estimate the calories in a meal. Macro information flows freely and is often poured over unsuspecting family members in a show of misaligned love.

Did you know you could have eaten a 450 grams of berries, half a cup of greek yogurt, and 6 tbsp of uh-MAY-zing nut butter instead of the cheesecake you consumed in a mere 7 bites?

Yeah, I want to slap her too.

Since 2009 I have weighed, measured, and calculated nearly every single piece of food that has gone into my mouth. There are only a few holes in the DL food journals:

  • Post competition week.  I went on vacation with my friends chocolate, red wine, white carbs, and butter. ‘Nuff said.
  • 10 year wedding anniversary. We biked 100 kms in a rainstorm around Niagra. I was hungry! I also got rather tipsy after half a glass of wine that night. Funny times!

Other than that, I tracked everything, and I mean everything.

Including pickles.

Even the day I had a huge emotional binge and consumed half a jar of peanut butter. Reporting back to your coach in the weekly summary that you most likely consumed 100 grams of fat in one sitting is a less than proud moment.

Late last week, I found myself questioning my ‘Maccropedian‘ ways.

Food is weighed, measured, obsessed over, daily weigh-ins are done at 4:32 am, and when I look in the mirror I do a very through muffin top assessment.

A girl can’t live like this forever.

Last time I tried the ‘Ok Joe, I am just going to eat like a real girl and all will be well!’ things didn’t go so well. I didn’t stop tracking, I stressed out more (if that is even possible), and I had some epic health things on the go that I was just discovering.

Take two!

I am off to the races! You had better believe I am eating fabulous, healthy food, not keeping track of every single thing, and still working out like a mad woman.

  • Food journals have been abandoned
  • Freedom from mental food anguish is being learned
  • The scale is coming out of the linen closet only once a week
  • Muffin top assessments are kept to a dull roar

There is a difference between need and want. It is rather amazing when you ‘can‘ do something how much less appealing it actually is to do.

Buh-bye Macroville. Hello Healthyville!

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  1. I love healthyville! I actually only just joined Macroville now that i’ve started working with Joe.
    Loving myfitnesspal, don’t really count/memorize anything – just put in in the app.
    Combining healthy & macroville, so far they seem to hit it off 😉

    Curious how you will expierence this!

    • It is a totally good fit! I loved it while I was training for a competition, but now that I am not it just doesn’t make sense anymore. I am very curious too, but I am excited. I never got into using the app….should have. I was an excel spreadsheet kind of a girl!

  2. I tend to only track when I see thing waxing in the wrong direction. Which is about now…

    I like that, Macropedia. So true. I do the same. haha. If it works for you, then there is no reason to question it. I was OCD about it in the beginning, but I think I stressed myself trying to figure out the little ingredients. Then I just added 50 cal to my calculation so i wouldn’t under value things. Of course that doesn’t work for the carb/protein approach.

    So now, I have a list of food that are on tiers from ‘perfect’ to ‘avoid’. There is like 5 tiers. And I try to stick to the top 2. Might be another approach for you. So how is the goal coming?

    I am having a hard time eating low fat (bad snacking habit) and am afraid I won’t rock a bikini by summer. 🙁 Any advice?

    • I find having some perimeters really help, similar to what you are doing now. For instance I don’t eat after 8:00 pm and don’t have junk food in the house or things that I crave. If I really want them, I have to get in the car and go to the grocery store. Pretty big deterrent right there! 🙂

  3. All the journals! I’ve flip-flopped between tracking it (there’s an app on my phone) and abandoning it all for ‘healthy’ balance. I’m curious to see how your experiment goes!

  4. I’ve just joined the ranks of becoming a Macrophile (complete with special Excel spreadsheet with all my favourite foods so I have them on my fingertips) but I have to remind myself it is just a TOOL.

    I just got engaged (joy!) and we had cheesecake and red wine. Yeah, reporting 100g of fat that day was not-so-happy, but it’s all in the name of balance and of LIFE. Life happens! So I feel that while we have our tools, they should not hamper our life, they should accentuate it!

    Continue being fabulous!

  5. This sounds like a much healthier idea 🙂 I can also give you the macros of any food on cue, but I haven’t tracked for over a year now. I used to track everything obsessively and weigh myself all the time. Now, I only add up my macros once every six weeks after I write my own program, just to make sure i’m on track. I haven’t weighed myself in six months. It feels fantastic! I think when you’re not obsessing about your food, fat and weight, it’s much better for your body – physically and mentally.

    • This is an experiment for me is so many ways! 🙂 The freaking out and being OCD sure doesn’t help; on the flip side if you want to lose quickly the only way is to track. Now that I am not competing weighing in every day and caring about one carrot is not helpful. I have so much more time in my brain now and I love it!!

  6. Glad to hear you are on a new journey with your nutrition. I’m glad you’ve said goodbye to Macroville. That was a hard transition for me post-comp. I think that’s what I love most about what I’m eating now. If I just eat whole foods then I’m good to go. Since doing that I have so few cravings and feel that this way of eating honors my body and my health so much more than when it was all macro-driven! Full speed ahead! Enjoy this new way of eating! Welcome to Healthyville! 🙂

  7. Ooooh this is so exciting for you. I can’t wait to see how it goes! It’s like, freedom. =)

    • Yes, I am pretty darned excited and a wee bit nervous. 🙂 Last time I started eating more my weight skyrocketed, but that has more to do with the health issues that I was struggling with than the food.

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