It Is Time To Get On With Your Big, Audacious Life

I just can’t….

  • Climb Mount Everest
  • Lose 30 pounds
  • Run a race
  • Live out my dreams
  • Structure my day to workout
  • Eat clean

You may never, but it doesn’t mean you can’t.

We tell ourselves all the time that we ‘can’t‘ do something, when we actually choose not to do something. There is no reason I have to do anything. Every single thing I do or don’t do in my life is a choice.

Stop playing the victim and get on with your big, audacious life.

There are a bazillion and one things that I am not going to do or accomplish in my lifetime.

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My next goal in life could be a myriad of things such as scaling high mountain peaks, rappelling off cliffs, lifting small cars off the ground, running a marathon, or swimming the English Channel.

Plain and simple, I don’t want to.

It is more than ok to not want to do something. Give yourself permission, in fact choose, to not do things; many, many things. You are unique and have a specific purpose in life. If you try to do everything you will find yourself doing little to nothing.

  • Are you passionate about it?
  • Is it good for you?
  • Will it help or hinder your life goals?
  • What will you gain?

You can, but will you?

Is it worth it?

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  1. When I taught school I wouldn’t let the kids say “I can’t do this”. Instead, I taught them to say “I’m having difficulty with this” or “I need help with this”. There’s such a difference between a defeatist attitude and one that says “I can conquer this if I keep trying”. Unfortunately for them, “I don’t want to do this” wasn’t usually an option!

  2. I say I am going to “climb Everest”, or “go to base camp”, or “trek the Annapurna Circuit”…..and while I talk about it, I don’t have any actual plans in place….I have been thinking about going to Nepal for a decade so far.

    That being said, I like to consider things as options, rather can vs. can’t and pick what works for me right now:) This works for eating clean, running a race etc.

    Great post!

  3. I loved this post!

  4. How many of us feel that we have to do everything 100% too? Impossible. Sometimes it’s okay to do something just “good enough.” Some meatballs fall off the plate. If they’re important you’ll bend over and pick them up. If not, let ’em roll away. And some meatballs may end up back on your plate at a different time, in a different stage of your life when you’re ready and more capable and mature enough to eat them up! 🙂

    • Exactly. I have a whole file folder of randomness that may or may not be done. This morning I started on a project and said, ‘Uh…I don’t want to do this anymore…’ It was supposed to be ‘fun’ and I officially hated it. Cross that off the list. Onwards!

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