Just ‘None’?

How many of us have eaten clean for days, weeks, even months at a time and then *suddenly* we have a cookie and then it leads to many, many, MANY more?

I am raising my hand, just in case you were wondering.

‘Just one’ is something I am learning to do.

A cookie, a piece of cake, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, or a piece of pizza is fine. You will not die from eating one of these things. The problem for me is one usually leads to more…more than is good for me.

Over Easter I surprised myself by just eating one mini egg and shutting the Costco sized package. I did not open up the flood gates and announce, ‘Let the eating begin!

mini eggs

Seriously, who needs this many Mini Eggs?! Oh Costco...

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It was nice to not wake up to a belly full of regret or giving a camel a run for its money when it comes to water storage capabilities.

Some days I handle negative comments in the same way; just one is not enough.

cookie monster pin

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This doesn’t happen very often anymore, but when it does it happens in a violent manner. As soon as I let myself have ‘just oneforbidden negative comment, I find myself shoving the comments in faster than they can go down.

One thing leads to another.

I have a Costco sized bag of negative comments in my pantry.

It is ok to have ‘just one‘ and put it away. Not waking up to heart full of self loathing is a great feeling, even if there were some rough moments in the day.

Operation ‘Just None‘ is about to commence for negativity, but not the cookies.

Let’s be honest, a girl needs a cookie now and again!

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  1. Damn I hate when you make me think. I deliberately scheduled a no thinking day today, to coincide with my day of self-loathing on the heels of my weekend of overeating. You’re just no fun Donloree — you and your relentlessly positive outlook. Tisk…..

  2. I dont know how to say just one. I still struggle with it. SO a lot of those triggers don’t make it passed me looking at wistfully in the grocery isle! (i.e. peanut butter! ;p)

  3. Mmmmm … cookies … I too have the problem of stopping after “just one.” This is a good reminder that even negative comments can stop at “just one.”

  4. I ask DH to not bring home those dang Cadbury eggs, yet he does. I have no resistance. But, once they’re gone, they’re gone. Until next year, anyway…

    • Too funny! While at Fantasy Camp earlier this year, Martin Daniels told me how he cleans up his kitchen and diet before a comp….he eats all the bad food up. And here I was throwing it out. hah!

  5. “One and done!…….for now.” I think the mistake most people get into is convincing themselves that they’ll never get another, so better eat more NOW. That sense of urgency is unfounded though. There will always be another meal. The chocolate eggs will be in the cupboard. If for some reason they disappear, there is another grocery store at which to purchase more. You’ll get hungry again. In essence, there will always be more opportunities to have the foods you like. Right? 🙂

  6. Oh Donloree – how I can soooooo relate to this!! I’m slowly learning that there is a “maintenance” mode of clean eating. I seem to be stuck either in dieting down or overeating – I’m learning that happy middle ground & I will succeed! Ridding myself of a lot of loathing and negativity goes right along with that as well. Thanks for another great blog!

  7. Linda Steward says

    Another perfect blog…thank you. I struggle constnatly with eating clean and falling off the wagon. Sometimes even as I am shoving the cookies in my mouth I am so angry at my lack of self control that I don’t even really enjoy them. Amazing how giving yourself permission to have that one cookie makes it taste that much better.

    • Enjoying what you eat is an amazing feeling. I have been there with the angry eating…not fun. And falling off the wagon and hurt! You’ve got this thing lady.

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