Don’t Be That Guy At The Gym!

To the skinny and confused man, as well as the sometimes necessary strange man, please watch this video closely.

No. It is not your bathroom mirror, but pretty darn close.

Oh the stereotypical gym guys! How I love to mock them, which is why I *heart* this video.

Does loving this video make me a horrible woman?

If so, I am happy to be horrible!

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  1. If you’re a horrible woman, so am I! I guess I’m lucky that the only guy in my gym is my hubby.

  2. Hahahahaha!!! I’m horrible with you then!! I recognize all those guys at my gym too, hahahaha

  3. Hilarious! So if we were to make rules for gym etiquette, it would be:

    1. Don’t show off. No one is impressed.
    2. Learn the equipment. Have someone show you if you don’t know.
    3. Don’t be a meat head. Seriously.
    4. If nobody asked for your advice, then you probably should keep it to yourself. Because, no one asked for it.
    5. Well, I’m not sure about the funny-faces guy.

    Of course, all these apply equally well outside the gym as well. I think I’ve seen all these people in real life too. Thanks for the post.

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